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In many ways, we are a good match forthem. These kids are hard workers, carrying up to a third morecourses in high school than we did at their age, so the MIT workloadisn’t as big an issue to them. They can balance competingdemands. MIT is the firehose. They are diverse and require diversity.You can’t find a more diverse private university in the US thanMIT. They can lead or follow as required, and there are plenty ofopportunities to do both here. They desire relevant work. We’reall about relevance, eschewing ivory tower. They are intensely busy.Busy is our middle name.

But in many more ways I worry aboutthe match. First, while these Millennials are busy, they are"diverse" busy, spreading their energies over many activities, notthe "focused" busy of the classic Techie, who eats, sleeps, anddreams their passion. They desire structure when we are all aboutchoice. They don’t consider "choice" to be a value as theBoomers and Gen Xers do. These kids were raised on the World Wide Weband 90 channels of cable. They do not need 30+ choices of livinggroups – they are busy…they just want a room. You can seethe evidence for this attitude in Table#2, the chart listing the topreasons why admitted MIT applicants chose to enroll elsewhere. Lastyear, for the first time, housing and the quality of the campus, wasthe #3 reason why the students we worked so hard to admit went toother schools. This year, the quality of student life, which includeshousing and campus issues, was #2 on that list. This generation isvoting with its feet. The current housing system with its myriadchoices and arcane rules, an artefact of the Boomer era, is no longerrelevant to the students of today. MIT housing is changing just intime.

From my point of view, the futurelooks bright. If we assume our natural role as the wise elders ofthis community during their tenure at MIT, and if we apprentice themwell, the world will be in good hands with these Millennials. Notonly will this huge population of very hard workers who care aboutcommunity do good things in their lives, they will never let SocialSecurity fail. And that should help us all sleep a lot bettertonight.

Adolescents' perceptions of risk involved in specific behaviors were examined in 224 middle/high school students from 11 to 19 years (mean=14.2 years, SD=1.8). 110 subjects were male and 114 were female. Subjects rated the risk of 11 behaviors on a 6-point scale. The behaviors included those associated with morbidity/mortality (drinking beer/wine=DRINKBW;drinking hard liquor=DRINKH;using drugs=DRUGS;being a passenger in a car when driver has had a few drinks=DRVDRK; or is driving fast=DRVFAST; riding a bike/skateboard recklessly=RECK; having sexual intercourse=SEX). Other behaviors rated were smoking cigarettes (CIG); not seeing a physician in presence of health problem (NOMD); eating poorly (EATBAD); and not exercising (NOEX). In decreasing, order of risk, subjects rated the behaviors as follows: DRUGS, DRVDRK, DRINKH, NOMD, CIG, RECK, DRINKBW, DRVFAST, SEX, EATBAD, and NOEX. Risk assessments varied as a function of the adolescents sex, age, and Tanner stage. Behaviors associated with morbidity/ mortality were seen as being significantly more risky by females than by males (p

We need clear principles to guide and secure meaningful digital free expression. This article charts a path to provide just that. Part I exposes crucial myths surrounding the digital speech and privacy in our networked age. Part II offers a conception of free speech based on a distrust of power, both public and private. Even if doctrinal analysis does not account for private barriers to free expression, the project of free expression should. Part III lays out four essential preconditions for a theory and a system of free expression in the digital age. These preconditions are substantive and procedural. They require legal intervention and extra-legal efforts. They draw some inspiration from due process guarantees and some from commitments to equality. Underlying these principles is a unifying normative commitment: If we want to ensure that our commitment to long-standing democratic theories of free expression survives its translation to the digital environment, we need to take a long, hard look at the digital public sphere we actually have, rather than one that we might want or one that has been advertised to us by Silicon Valley. 041b061a72


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