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Charles Moore
Charles Moore

Cloud Strife \/\/FREE\\\\

These days, everybody is gaming from the cloud, streaming titles without ever having to download the whole adventure to their console. Back in 1997 no such feature existed. Go back in time and ask somebody about "cloud gaming," and they'll point to the character from the recently released Final Fantasy VII on PlayStation, which would go on to revolutionize the medium and popularize the JRPG in the west.

Cloud Strife

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Cloud's inclusion in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U came as a massive surprise for fans of Final Fantasy and the long-running fighting franchise. Observant players will note how the series hinted at the character's inclusion for years before he officially made it in. The clouds in the background are a clear indicator of the developer's intention to add the iconic character to the roster. If this was not the case, why else would there be clouds in the sky on a map?

Yes I know thats every BP, but its cloud we're talking about here, Its not just any FF character, its the guy, in a FF game, guess if noctis gets in the BP I got to get the game now and then, kinda crappy not gonna lie. 041b061a72


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