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We\u2019re making sense of the midterms. Subscribe to our daily newsletter for election context and analysis.\n\n\n\nNew Hampshire Democrat James Roesener on Tuesday became the first out transgender man elected to a state legislature \u2014 joining only a handful of trans elected officials across the United States. Roesener now holds the highest elected office that an out trans man has ever held in this country, according to the Victory Fund, which helps LGBTQ+ candidates run for office. \n\n\n\nThis was his first campaign, he told The 19th. Two key factors that motivated him to run for office were the need to protect trans kids in his state, and to push for more protections for abortion procedures in New Hampshire. \n\n\n\nHe says he doesn\u2019t feel too much pressure from his historic position.\n\n\n\n\u201cI feel like I\u2019m in the right place,\u201d Roesener said. After announcing his candidacy this summer to represent New Hampshire\u2019s 22nd state House District, Ward 8, Roesener met other local trans men who said they had also considered running for office. Those moments excited him and reaffirmed to him that more trans men do want to run and should take the plunge \u2014 even if a lack of representation may still be holding some back. \n\n\n\n\u201cPart of it is a fear that you're not going to be taken seriously as a trans person or that you're going to be attacked. And those things, unfortunately, do happen,\u201d he said, noting that he personally did not experience moments of discrimination during his campaign. \u201cBut it's not a reason to shy away from the community that you can build into the change that you can make.\u201d\n\n\n\nRoesener, 26, lives in Concord with his wife and cat. A high school graduate, he has volunteered for seven to eight years at the Equality Health Center in Concord, which provides reproductive health services and abortion services to people of all genders and sexualities. \n\n\n\nHis priorities as his district\u2019s representative are to support encoding abortion protections into state law, since New Hampshire does not have a state-specific legal basis for the right to an abortion, although the procedure is legal up to 24 weeks after the last menstrual period. Roesener also wants to push to repeal the state\u2019s 24-week restriction. \n\n\n\n\n\nHe\u2019s concerned about Republicans in his state introducing bills that would affect trans students, like a recently failed bill that would have required school staff to report students who are transgender or questioning their gender identity to their families. Chris Sununu, the state\u2019s Republican governor who just won his reelection bid, opposed that bill, as did the state\u2019s attorney general\u2019s office at the time. \n\n\n\nPart of why advocating for abortion access matters to Roesener is that the issue affects him personally \u2014 as it does for other trans men and nonbinary people, who are among the most vulnerable groups affected by the loss of federal abortion protections. Trans people should be able to go through a pregnancy without discrimination, he said, as well as be able to terminate that pregnancy without experiencing discrimination. \n\n\n\n\u201cFor me personally, the right to an abortion or to birth control is very important, because I know if I were to become pregnant I would definitely consider suicide,\u201d he said. \u201cI would not be in an OK place \u2026 and I don\u2019t want anybody to have to face that.\u201d \n\n\n\nThere are currently six trans men holding elected office in the country, per the Victory Fund\u2019s count prior to the midterm elections \u2014 while 39 trans women hold elected office, and 11 nonbinary people hold office. \n\n\n\nKylar Broadus, founder of the Trans People of Color Coalition, is not surprised that so few trans men have been elected into office, due to the broader lack of societal resources and support for them. More support is needed for employment and in medical care, he said, as well as political support, plus support within the LGBTQ+ rights movement. \n\n\n\n\u201cHistorically, resources and news about trans men have always been on the back burner,\u201d he said. LGBTQ+ organizations should dedicate more support to trans men, he said, and diversity within the movement should be prioritized \u2014 including supporting candidates of color across all gender identities. \n\n\n\nForty-four of the 56 trans and nonbinary candidates currently holding office are White, per the Victory Fund\u2019s pre-midterms count \u2014 which now includes Roesener.\n\n\n\nJamison Green, a former president of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health who has written extensively about the lives of trans men, said over text that he is glad to see Roesener take office, and he hopes more young people will follow suit. \n\n\n\n\u201cI\u2019m very proud and happy to see this young trans man take office,\u201d he said, adding that trans people can appeal to voters by being honest about who they are while not making their transness the focus of their campaign. \u201cTrans men can successfully campaign and win.\u201d\n\n\n\nRodrigo Heng-Lehtinen, executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, said over text that seeing representation of trans people in office sends a positive message to trans students and their families, who have been targeted by a record level of anti-trans state legislation. \n\n\n\n\u201cIt\u2019s a reminder that they aren\u2019t alone and that there are other people like them who are accomplishing great things and who are supported by their communities,\u201d he said. \n\n\n\nFor Roesener, deciding to run for office meant taking a leap of faith \u2014 and he hopes that other trans people, especially trans men, do the same. \n\n\n\n\u201cI think if you have a calling to do it, you should,\u201d he said. \n\n\n","post_title":"New Hampshire\u2019s James Roesener becomes first out transgender man elected to state legislature","post_excerpt":"","post_status":"publish","comment_status":"closed","ping_status":"closed","post_password":"","post_name":"james-roesener-trans-man-new-hampshire-state-legislature","to_ping":"","pinged":"","post_modified":"2022-11-17 12:40:15","post_modified_gmt":"2022-11-17 18:40:15","post_content_filtered":"","post_parent":0,"guid":"https:\/\/\/?p=47123","menu_order":0,"post_type":"post","post_mime_type":"","comment_count":"0","filter":"raw"},"authors":["name":"Orion Rummler","slug":"orion-rummler","taxonomy":"author","description":"Orion Rummler is our LGBTQ+ reporter\u00a0focusing on state politics, breaking news and the underreported ways that trans and queer people are marginalized. He previously covered breaking news for Axios and contributed research to \u201cAxios on HBO.\u201d ","parent":0,"count":135,"filter":"raw","link":"https:\/\/\/author\/orion-rummler"]} Up Next Election 2022

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"Many people do not realize that the word "tranny" is one of the most hurtful and dehumanizing slurs that transgender people hear. Most transgender people associate that word with personal experiences of violence, hatred and derision," the media watchdog group said in a statement. "Its use carries a negative connotation even when the person saying it doesn't mean it in a derogatory way, (i.e., "fierce like a tranny.") The vast majority of transgender women don't look and behave like over-the-top caricatures, and reducing an entire community of people to that stereotype is inaccurate and hurtful."

The statement also said. "Unfortunately the larger problem here is that the word "tranny" has also become an easy punch line in popular culture and its continued use in the media further legitimizes the word, thereby further marginalizing the transgender community."

Mbappe's Trans Girlfriend Hoax refers to discussions about French football player Kylian Mbappe and trans playboy model Ines Rau's rumored relationship. Several news outlets reported that the two were a couple in the summer of 2022 after they were supposedly photographed together in Cannes. The association was never confirmed at the time by Mbappe or by Ines. The rumors nonetheless led to a transphobic backlash against Mbappe. Several soccer fans allege that the rumor was started by Italian media after Mbappe turned down the opportunity to play for Real Madrid in favor of Paris Saint-Germain in May 2023.

By August 2022, the story had been published in various French, Italian and Spanish tabloids.[5][6] The story was also published on various social media platforms by news outlets. Twitter[7] account @futtmais posted the rumor on August 31st, 2022, gathering over 49,000 likes in nearly four months (seen below, left). Twitter[8] account @forumpandlr posted the story on September 1st, gathering over 39,000 likes in nearly four months (seen below, right).

And then there are derogatory words such as "tranny," "ladyboy" and "shemale" that are ubiquitous throughout the transsexual porn business. At the show, there was a decidedly mixed reaction to the terms from the performers. Many members of the Bay Area contingent find the terms downright offensive (Poe makes it a point to call the show the "Trans Awards") while Jenna Blaze claimed that they have become terms of endearment within the community. 041b061a72


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