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Best Buy Insignia Tv Mount

In looking for models to test, we searched the websites of respected TV-mount manufacturers such as Monoprice, OmniMount, Peerless-AV, Rocketfish, and Sanus. We also searched a variety of retailers, including Amazon and Best Buy. For our original tests, in 2017, we evaluated eight tilting TV mounts. Understanding that there are buyers who are interested only in getting a decent mount for as little investment as possible, we ended up with a test group in which three of the units did not have the post-installation adjustment and cost as little as $25. In 2021, we expanded into full-motion mounts and tested two high-end, feature-rich models, as well as two stripped-down, less-expensive models.

best buy insignia tv mount

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For testing, we built a wall with wooden studs at a standard 16-inch spacing covered in half-inch drywall, emulating standard wood frame construction practices. We then installed each mount on the wall and used a 2-by-4-foot sheet of plywood to simulate a 55-inch TV. We also tested most of the mounts with a 55-inch TCL 55P607 TV.

The VMPL50A-B1 is compatible with 22 VESA patterns (the varying bolt patterns found on the backs of TVs), and it comes with the largest bolt selection of the tested mounts. Most tilt mounts come with seven or eight different-size bolts, but only the VMPL50A-B1 and the Rocketfish RF-TVMLPT03 come with 10.2 This simply gives you a greater chance at a successful installation the first time through, without your having to call the manufacturer to request bolts that are compatible with your TV.3

We did not test the EchoGear EGLT1 low-profile tilting mount. It was the least expensive UL-approved model we saw, but it holds the TV a little farther off the wall than the Monoprice 5915 EZ Series, and it does not offer post-install adjustment.

We researched, but did not test, a number of other Peerless mounts. The SA761PU has a profile of over 3 inches. The SUA747PU offers almost no flexibility with placement due to its narrow mounting bracket. And the SUA761PU has a larger bracket but is still nowhere near the width of the full-motion Sanus model we recommend.

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This full-motion TV mount can hold a television that weighs up to 60 pounds. The mount can extend out from its base between 2 and 26 inches, so you have plenty of room to adjust it based on your setup.

It also features articulated arm extensions so you can tilt your television both vertically and horizontally without the need to move or remove it from its mount. With these adjustments, you can get ideal view angles in any room or space.

With its lower resolution (720p/1080p), 60Hz native refresh rate, and HDMI 2.0 inputs, the F20 series is not the best choice for current-gen gaming, which really needs higher brightness, better color, and 4K resolution to show off why newer game consoles are so pricy.

The Insignia F50 has a basic stand. It's nearly the full width of the TV, so you'll need a large table if you're not planning on wall mounting it. It supports the TV well, but there's still a bit of wobble from front to back.

The back of the TV is very plain, with no consideration at all for cable management. The back is a mix of metal and plastic. The most common inputs face to the side and are easy to access. There are a few inputs, including one of the HDMI ports, that face down and are very difficult to access when the TV is wall-mounted.

The easiest way to learn exactly what screw size you need for your model is to check the manual for your Insignia TV or its compatible wall mount. TV wall mounts usually come with all of the necessary hardware; however, if you need to purchase them separately, start with the manual.

Don't even bother trying to set this thing up yourself, though. For an extra $100, Amazon mounting experts will come to your home to mount the TV and load test the hardware. That's money well spent if you ask us. 041b061a72


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