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Buying Land In Costa Rica

If you are thinking of buying land in Costa Rica for the views, make sure the view cannot be taken away by new construction or neighbors who let trees grow too high. If possible, have your attorney constitute a view easement on the neighboring properties to avoid having your view blocked.

buying land in costa rica


Hire an attorney who specializes in real estate and have him/her run a complete title check before buying land in Costa Rica. Is the property fully titled or is it a concession in the maritime zone? Have the attorney also check for any liens and annotations. If it makes you feel comfortable, get title insurance.

Ask your attorney to check if the title includes any easements, which give other people certain rights regarding the property, and have him/her explain them to you. These can include water easements, power easements and right of way easements. Make sure you are not buying a property that is giving an easement to someone else that might not allow your land to be developed as you would want to.

Once you get through the process of buying land, building a house in Costa Rica can be an exciting and challenging feat. Houses in Costa Rica are designed to accommodate the unique, humid climate and promote indoor/outdoor living.

Can Americans and other foreigners legally buy property in Costa Rica? Absolutely! The great part about Costa Rica is that foreigners and locals have the same ownership rights when buying property. Foreigners can purchase property on a tourist visa without the need for residency or citizenship.

Q. Are there regulations regarding beachfront properties? A. When buying property located on Costa Rica's beaches, buyers should be aware of the following: building a home adjoining beach areas falls under a category known as the Maritime Zone Law, the first 200 meters of land measured from the high tide line.

Q. What are Costa Rica's natural resources? A. Costa Rica's major economic resources are its fertile land and frequent rainfall, its well-educated population, and its location in the Central American isthmus, which provides easy access to North and South American markets and direct ocean access to the European and Asian Continents.

1) Know your budget. If you are taking a mortgage on the land, get prequalified before you begin. If you are buying upfront set yourself a limit so you can guide yourself and your real estate agent. Searching for properties will be far more exciting if you narrow your results to your possibilities.

Historically, i.e. for the last 50 years, and currently, Costa Rican governments have been viewed internationally and by the UN as being stable ones, respectful of and compliant with human rights. Yet it is important to emphasize that such compliance and respect for Legislation 6172 continue to be unfinished business for the Costa Rican government. Nevertheless, only the rights of certain sectors of Costa Rican society have been respected and fulfilled. Indigenous Peoples' lands continue in the hands of families who appropriated them since the colonial period.

---Ana Lucia Ixchiu (Maya K'iche) is a feminist, an activist for human rights, an artist, a cultural agent and community journalist. She was born in Totonicapan, Guatemala in 1990. She became an activist and journalist because of the massacre on October 4th of 2012 at the Cumbre de Alaska (in the western highlands of Guatemala). She has been active in the student movement since 2012 and is a co-founder of the Festivals for Women in the Movement and Their Supporters. And she is a newscaster for the Noticiero Indigena Maya K'at and the Latin American correspondent for Rompe El Cerco.

You may request such information to Since the financial resources at this Embassy are very limited, we recommend you send a pre-paid envelope with your address to send you more information. You can also set up an appointment to pick up information at the Embassy.

If you are considering selling or buying property in Costa Rica, the following article lays out the unbiased truth about real estate transactions in the land of Pura Vida that not everybody wants you to be aware of.

You can also invest in both commercial and non-commercial real estate. Since non-commercial real estate investments are allowed for several years now, you can get residency in Costa Rica by buying a home that is worth USD 200,000 or more. Non-commercial real estate investments also include land purchases made for future development or preservation such as buying land for environmental, ecological or watershed preservation purposes.

The check from Banco de Costa Rica for $157,202 cleared in August. But after 12 years of legal wrangling it wasn't much consolation to H. Craig Carter and a small group of investors from Utah, who had hoped to turn their 180 acres in this Central American Shangri-la into luxury condos. In 1993 the group paid $50,000 for the dirt in hopes of spending another $12 million to develop Rincón Golf & Country Club Community. "They're not giving us a fair price on the land we own," insists Carter, 78, who with his associates has spent an additional $200,000 on travel and court fees. Based on the rise of property values in Costa Rica's Guanacaste Province, he argues the plot is worth $4 million and is hoping for additional compensation.

Robert Sprague, 65, retired six years ago from a job as Latin America senior analyst at the U.S. military's Southern Command in Miami. In 1982 he bought 2.5 acres of rolling pasture in Escazú, a San José suburb. Since then, Sprague says, he has kept up on the property tax (0.25% of recorded value) and visited often. To keep off intruders, he lets a family live on his land in a wood shack. "Being an intel type you are always leery of something," he says. "Then, all of a sudden, a little rat slips through the back door and shorts out the whole system."

Cloistered behind barricaded walls with a few guards, Sides is still haunted by the specter of violence--and maintaining the integrity of the paperwork: "I am nervous all the time about my property--and who is going to try to scam it." He intends to put the land on the market as soon as prices firm, he says. The property might fetch $2.5 million--from a courageous buyer.

Many of the house-buying options in and around villages include large luxury villas: $1m can buy you a 4,000 sq ft home with pool and land in Manuel Antonio; $150,000 can buy a modest wooden beach home with three bedrooms on the Caribbean coast, or a modern villa in Guanacaste. $70,000 can still buy you a place to live, with two-bedroom properties available on the coast. (All property examples as of February 2018).

We recommend getting a new surveyors map before buying a property. Even if there is an existing map it is in your best interest to get a new one and have the topographer locate the boundaries of the property. Ask your real estate agent to recommend a surveyor and preferable not the same surveyor that the seller has used. Properties that are more than one hectare and have irregular topography might have differences in size and wrong boundaries. Many times if a seller has not been in Costa Rica and the land has been vacated, an existing neighbor could easily move their fence lines onto the property you are looking to buy. So make sure to know the boundaries you are buying! It is also a good idea to know if there are setbacks on the property. If you are buying land with a river or creek on the property it is best to check and see what the setbacks are from the river for building as there are laws that require a certain distance from the water source.

If you are buying vacant land in a rural area you must beware of squatters! A squatter is a person who unlawfully occupies an uninhabited building or unused land. This typically occurs when no one is staying on the property and it appears abandoned. It is necessary to keep your property cleaned, fenced, and stay on top of paying your property taxes.

Costa Rica real estate has long been a safe haven for foreign investment because of strong property rights for investors. In almost all cases, foreigners in Costa Rica get fee simple title when purchasing property. This offers the most complete form of property ownership for the buyer. Fee simple title gives the buyer 100% ownership of the land and improvements forever. This is the same type of property ownership as in North America, and the same as Costa Rican citizens enjoy.

Utilities: Your attorney will need to check the utilities and make sure they are paid and working. If this is raw land, you will need to see what utilities to which you have access. We recommend buying within a community to make sure you have the utilities you need for everyday life. Internet is widely available in Costa Rica. It is vital to have hardline direct access to the internet and not have wirelessly transmitted internet systems. You will have trouble with any system not directly connected to the home. Optimally you will find a community with access to fiber optics, which will allow you to have unlimited bandwidth and speed.

When buying a property in Costa Rica as an American, there are a few important things to consider. It is crucial to do your research before making an offer on a property to ensure you understand certain aspects like zoning, contracts, and titled properties.

Costa Rica is a thriving country full of investment potential for the right buyer. The tropical landscape, stunning beaches, and equal property rights for non-residents make the South American country an attractive location for investors and retirees alike.

Costa Rica is known as the Switzerland of Latin America. This stable, democratic country located between Nicaragua and Panama invests a lot in social development and nature preservation and has a tax system favourable to expats.

When it comes to buying land on the beachfront, you will be dealing with a concession property. Concession properties are in fact government-leased properties. Any transactions on this kind of land or properties are subject to specific rules and regulations. 041b061a72


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