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Opinion The Rape Jokes We Still Laugh At ? The New York Times

Governments can rule from benevolent to oppressive and everything in between whether in times of peace or war. In my opinion The Prince is still very relevant because human nature has not changed and never will. Our politics in the US is currently in hyper mode Which is not uncommon. The only guarantees are that it will change over time because a new Prince will come to power and rule. Sum times for the better, or worst. The Prince is really all about human nature!

Opinion | The Rape Jokes We Still Laugh At – The New York Times

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Part of this may be a generational issue. Twitter is not just about sharing opinions. Some people use Twitter to coordinate private events. Consider any number of Hollywood A-Listers who have a publicist run their official public account; many of them still want a semi-private account with PMs, etc., that they themselves access, especially on-the-go. They still want to send jokes, etc., to their friends, even if they do not want their audience to see it.

Comedians took a stand to assist the country during the tough depression era and repeated the process during the hard times of World War II. Most comedians of that era felt a strong sense of duty towards America, having risen from poverty and many coming from families of immigrants seeking political and religious freedom. (Wertheim 282) Because of this, the public got more than just laughs; it also got an education. In Radio Comedy, Wertheim quotes Will Rogers as saying ,“Personally, I don’t like the jokes that get the biggest laughs……I like one where, if you are with a friend, and hear it, it makes you think, and you nudge your friend and say, ‘he’s right about that.” (Wertheim 66)


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