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White Town - Your Woman (Official HD Video)

In the video, there are numerous elements of acting, cinematography and editing that suggest an old fashioned film style. The exaggerated gestures of Chloé Treend, the hat wearing woman, helpless and fearful, and those of her quick tempered lover hint at the acting style from 1920s expressionist films. The ostensive metaphors, such as the use of hypnosis on the woman by the man or the recurring shots of crossroad signs bearing names of romantic relationship related attitudes, remind of the 1920s and 1930s efforts to express subjectivism in film.

White Town - Your Woman (Official HD Video)

Slant Magazine listed it at No. 72 in their ranking of "The 100 Best Singles of the 1990s" in 2011, writing, "A one-hit wonder whose other material totally justifies that status, White Town stumbled into a moment of sheer brilliance on "Your Woman", a single that married a fucked-up horn sample to a funk rhythm section straight out of Prince's playbook. The sheer catchiness of the song's arrangement got some adventurous radio programmers on board, but it was the say-what-now gender politics of the song's lyrics that proved to be most compelling. Hearing Jyoti Mishra's plaintive tenor croon, "I guess what they say is true/I could never be the right kind of girl for you/I could never be your woman", remains one of the most subversive moments in '90s pop."[13]

"I could never be your woman." Even though that chorus is repeated four times over throughout White Town's first (and only) hit, it's still hard to find any sense in the words or the meaning of the song as it's performed by frontman (and sole member) Jyoti Mishra. However, if you dig a little deeper, you'll find that the song was actually inspired in part by Mishra's teenage infatuation with a lesbian friend.

There's a lot of fan reaction videos online, and I noticed a lot of younger women like "Rebel Yell" because, unlike a lot of other '80s alpha male rock tunes, you're talking about satisfying your lover.

circa 10:00 It is not always fear, sometimes it is desire. If a white man owns a business and has a sign, no black people, is it fear? A person has the right to want to only serve a certain people. But , the problem is, in a country that invites or publicly states it is for all people, how do you have people who don't want to be around all types side people who do want to be around all types ? circa 18:00 I oppose the idea of focusing on the youth. I concur to Dr. Camelia Straughn that people do not change , I amend, specifically to being bullied or pushed or canceled. But, history proves negative bias is emitted by youth when people think the youth are enlightened from the elders. I think all need to be focused on. The problem is, and you see this with the cancel culture, the youth in the usa who are supposedly liberal are very constrictive or restrictive in what they can accept being said, which means they are replacing a rigid culture to another.circa 21:00 I concur to Loretta Green that people in the usa do not acknowledge problems. The biggest is the native american. Most liberals in the usa don't acknowledge the inability of liberalism to empower the most oppressed people in the USA or before it. Those people being the native american. But why? Like those who ancestors were enslaved, the scope of the problem is massive. So it is financially or organizationally easier to evade admitting a problem, then to admit a problem and then have to deal with healing from it. It is easier to say, all is good now.circa 28:00 great point from Loretta, I add to her point that Black people in the USA itself are unwilling to accept the structural problem with descendents of enslaved people's having to wait later to get what other people of color: non european whites, have been able to have with an existence in the usa after 1965 circa 31:00 yes, Curtis Mayfield comprehended the complexity of a country where the peoples in it are not on the same page. James Baldwin said it simply. The world is not white, and the world is not black either. I admit, I have never felt fear walking in harlem. ... I add that Baldwin suggested the key is flexibility. His father wasn't flexible. His father was a black man who hated whites, to the bone. But couldn't retaliate or injure whites, so the hate is deep inside, and anything that has involvement from whites which means the entire government of the usa, is hated by such a black person. circa 35:00 Maybe one day, the day a Black woman doesn't have to be strong no matter what in the USA, will be a great daycirca 41:00 great point about Loretta about the problem with speaking to doctors who are not as delicate to their role as guide. The scene in a film, as good as it gets, says it all. The female lead in the film is a mother with a child who is going to doctors constantly, but only when the male lead provides a private doctor is her son properly diagnosed. The point, doctors are business people, and if you don't have money, most will treat you as the lawyers do to the fiscal poor in a court room. circa 44:00 Important point by Bablak, the quality of advocacy , which doesn't mean from elected officials but from community agents, has changed since the legendary 1960s. It can be argued it is less than, fro a larger perspective. But her point that it needs to be stronger from the individual is functional. I think the affordable care act, never spoke to quality of care, and focused on accesible care. So everyone can afford healthcare theoretically but the quality of healthcare that most can afford is very low quality.But quality is expensive.Circa 48:00 Straughn speaks that people carry trauma's in them but I argue that all children reflect the negativty from their parents. If your parents in a white town in appalachia or a black town in mississippi or a native american reservation in a western state are unhappy and full of negativity or doubts then the children will reflect that in various negative ways.circa 51:00 I concur to loretta 100% , I feel black elders in the past were done a disservice by their children or grandchildren who could write, by not getting them to tell their stories. Zora Neale Hurston was right. IN CONCLUSIONThe theme of the multiracial populace having problems handling itself in the USA is common as it was how the usa started. I think the youth may not be the answer some suggest. But I will say that all peoples in the usa need guidance to what the usa has never been, a country where all groups or individuals are empowered. 041b061a72


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