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R.u.s.e. Mega Trainer (01.03.2011)

R.U.S.E. Mega Trainer (01.03.2011)

R.U.S.E. is a real-time strategy game that allows players to use deception and bluffing tactics to outsmart their opponents in a World War II setting. The game was developed by Eugen Systems and published by Ubisoft in 2010. R.U.S.E. features a unique zooming interface that lets players switch from a global view of the battlefield to a close-up view of individual units. The game also supports online multiplayer modes for up to eight players.

For those who want to enhance their gaming experience, there is a mega trainer available for the patched ( - 01.03.2011) retail/steam version of the game. This trainer was made exclusively by Cheat Happens and offers several options to modify the gameplay, such as:

Download Zip:

  • Freeze Skirmish Battle Timer: This option will stop the countdown timer in skirmish mode, giving you more time to complete your objectives.

  • End Skirmish Battles: This option will instantly end the current skirmish battle, regardless of the outcome.

  • Add $1.000.000 Money: This option will add one million dollars to your current money balance, allowing you to build more units and structures.

  • Add 99 RUSE Points: This option will add 99 points to your current RUSE points, enabling you to activate more deception cards.

  • Add 1000 Score: This option will add 1000 points to your current score, increasing your rank and prestige.

  • Freeze Event Timer: This option will freeze the timer for certain events, such as reinforcements or enemy attacks.

  • Instant Units: This option will make your units build instantly, without any delay or cost.

  • Enemy Cannot Build: This option will prevent the enemy from building any units or structures, giving you an advantage over them.

  • Instant Research: This option will make your research complete instantly, unlocking new technologies and upgrades.

  • Enemy Cannot Research: This option will stop the enemy from researching anything, keeping them at a lower level of technology.

  • Unlimited Activated RUSES: This option will make your activated RUSES last indefinitely, allowing you to use them as long as you want.

To use the trainer, you need to download it from [here] and follow the instructions in the readme file. The trainer features customizable hotkeys that you can change according to your preference. You can also use the F2 key to show or hide the clock and text, and the F12 key to show or hide the menu. To disable all the options, press the Home key.

The trainer is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 operating systems. It is also virus-free and safe to use, as verified by [VirusTotal]. However, some antivirus programs may detect it as a false positive and block it from running. If this happens, you need to add the trainer to your antivirus exception list or disable your antivirus temporarily while using the trainer.

The trainer is intended for single-player mode only and should not be used in multiplayer mode, as it may cause problems or get you banned from online servers. The trainer is also meant for fun and entertainment purposes only and should not be abused or used to cheat in competitive games. Use it at your own risk and responsibility.

If you enjoy playing R.U.S.E. and want to support its developers, you can buy the game from [Steam] or [Ubisoft Store]. You can also check out the official website of the game [here] for more information and updates.

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