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Diamond Loupe Where To Buy

This cycle includes a US$7 million Exceptional Stone2 from the Cullinan Mine and US$4.3 million of Finsch diamonds sold during H1 FY 2023, both of which were reported in our Interim Results announcement during February 2023. No sales for Williamson were recorded in this cycle given the operations at the mine are still suspended.

diamond loupe where to buy

De Beers Group yesterday announced the value of rough diamond sales for the second sales cycle of 2023. The mining giant sold $495 million in rough stones. There was a noticeable year-over-year drop in sales when compared with 2022- Cycle 2, where the company sold over $652 million, a 24% fall. Sales were 9% higher than $454 million registered for the preceding first Sight of 2023.

Debswana and Chinese tech giant Huawei at the Mobile World Congress Trade Show this week announced plans for the unveiling of "the world's first 5G-oriented smart diamond mine project".The 5G network allows cutting-edge technologies like autonomous driving and enables more intelligent digital transformation of the mining industry in the years to come.

Angolan Minister of Mineral Resources, Oil and Gas Diamantino Azevedo has announced that the country intends to create tax incentives to attract more investors to the diamond-cutting sector.The announcement was made over the weekend by the minister at the inauguration of the fifth diamond-cutting factory at Saurimo Diamond Development Park in the Lunda Sul province.

Homestead Diamonds has recovered a rare 13-carat pink diamond from its bulk sampling operation on the Samada kimberlite pipe in the Free state province of South Africa. The 13.33-carat Pink is a Type IIa diamond and is one of several exceptional fancy colour stones recovered since the commencement of the bulk sampling programme in 2020.

Large diamond player Shree Ramkrishna Exports (SRK), has attained the Membership of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and announced that the company will be joining the Task Force of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC).

[A DIAMOND LOUPE EXCLUSIVE STORY] - It was only just last September that Canadian mining company Arctic Canadian (AC) announced the recovery of a yellow diamond weighing an impressive 71.26 carats. The rough octahedron gem is currently the largest known fancy vivid yellow diamond ever discovered in Canada.

Rough diamond production increased by 6% to 8.2 million carats, reflecting strong operational performance across the assets, partially offset by the planned completion of the final cut at Venetia open pit.

After a nearly 12-year negotiation, the High Court of Zimbabwe has granted a default order against the Minister of Mines and Mining Development, relating to a historic parcel of 129,400-carats of rough diamonds, which will be released to AIM UK-listed Vast Resources.

The company expects to receive the signed court order in coming days, following which Vast will clean and value the diamonds for the purpose of selling through a tender.Vast will then determine the final quality assortment of the parcel once the diamonds are in its possession.

De Beers have announced the provisional value of their first sales cycle of 2023 for rough diamond sales at $450 million. The company also confirmed actual sales for between the 5 December and the 20 December at $417 million.

The Indian Minister of Commerce and Industry in her Unioin Budget speech this week proposed certain budget allotments and new policies for the 23/24 fiscal year which made several provisions for the diamond sector in India who have recently suffered setbacks due to decreased exports and global market instabilities.

Belgium based company Signum who was known for pioneering on the NFT side of the diamond trade developing a blockchain style ledger to prove diamond authenticity, now intends on incorporating the sale of rough stones directly to the public along with its digital companion into their business model.

The Chinese conglomerate Fosun, best known as being the largest shareholder of insurer Ageas, is considering selling its majority stake in International Gemological Institute (IGI). The deal could value the Antwerp-based diamond evaluator at around 200 million euros, the Bloomberg news agency learned from sources close to the file.In October, Fosun announced that it plans to sell up to $11 billion in assets to improve its liquidity position. In addition, Fosun would now, together with Deutsche Bank, evaluate the possibility of selling its 80 percent stake in IGI.

Citing plummeting demand for cut and polished diamonds in the West and China, the Surat Diamond Association has published a report that over 20,000 workers have been put out of work in the last one month in Surat, India.

Before the pandemic, diamond prices were falling as the market struggled with oversupply, economic slowdown in China, and a global squeeze on luxury goods spending. The estimated sales at the December auction were down 10 per cent on the November auction, where the firm made 377million.

Anglo American PLC said Wednesday that rough-diamond sales by its majority-owned De Beers Group fell in 2022's 10th sales cycle compared with the previous cycle.The FTSE 100 mining company said De Beers sold $410 million worth of diamonds in the 10th sales cycle of the year compared with $454 million in the ninth cycle. In the 10th cycle of 2021, it sold $336 million worth of diamonds.

The Hearne kimberlite is one of four kimberlites being mined at Gahcho Kué Mine, which is presently ranked as 4th in the world by annual diamond production. Mountain Province is a 49% shareholder at Gahcho Kué with joint venture partner De Beers Canada as operators.

Loupes are used in all sorts of industries to examine all sorts of products. Printers of all kinds, art historians and collectors, watchmakers, surgeons, modeling enthusiasts, and many more. Oh, and jewelers and diamonds, of course.

Because of the limits of the physics in loupe manufacture and performance, the Federal Trade Commission insist that all gem grading is done with a 10X loupe, no more and no less. They state that, if a flaw cannot be detected with a 10X loupe, then it cannot be considered for valuation purposes.

Jewelers will have different loupes depending on what they are purchasing. If they are examining diamonds (or any stone), they will probably use both a 30x loupe and a 10x loupe. They will only judge the diamond based on the 10x loupe, but the 30x loupe will help them locate the inclusions that need inspection.

If you had been reading the content on, you probably have seen a number of highly detailed images and magnified diamond photographs in our tutorials. Most of these images have been captured using a mix of microscopes, loupes and professional camera setups.

Here are some of the things that I would look out for if I were buying a diamond. If I see a feather in a VS2 or SI1 diamond being listed in the clarity plot, I want to check if the feather is surface breaking or whether it is close to the surface.

Likewise, if I see clouds and twinning wisps in the diamond, I want to know whether the cloud is dense and whether the twinning wisps are black in color. In essence, I want to perform a visual inspection of the inclusions present in any diamonds I intend to buy.

For the general consumer, here are a few other reasons why learning to loupe a diamond is a useful skill. When inspecting a diamond ring under the 10X loupe, you want to get a rough idea on where the inclusions are. This will quickly tell you 2 things.

Firstly, does the diamond match up to the inclusion plot as stated in the grading report? Besides using inclusions for identification purposes, you could also check the girdle inscriptions for a laser inscription to make sure it matches up.

For example, if you are inspecting a diamond engagement ring, you should NEVER touch the diamond with your bare hands. This is because diamonds are notoriously known for being grease magnets and you cannot perform an accurate inspection with a dirty surface.

Using such loupes places more strain onto the eyes as the working distance drastically decreases. For this reason, binocular microscopes are more comfortable to work with when you need to examine an object at higher magnification.

In fact, you get to see far greater details in a neutral environment compared to what you would with a traditional loupe. On top of that, your interaction with the diamond or jewelry can be done at the comfort of your home and away from sales pressure in a retail store.

If you look at the source code of a diamond it will show a fallback function. It doesn't show what external functions it has. To get that information you need to call one or more of the four standard, read-only loupe functions.

First, the DiamondCut event provides something that the loupe functions don't: A historical record of all upgrades done on a diamond. The historical record can be used to verify the state, correctness and security of a diamond over time.

To be clear, this isn't a debate of events vs external functions. The DiamondCut events are a given and there is no restriction on their use. The debate is this: Why have events and loupe functions?

More choice People that want to use event systems, such as the The Graph, or event database systems, to determine the contents of diamonds can do so. People who want to call the loupe external functions on diamonds to get the same data, can do so. Having events and the loupe functions make diamonds easier to use for more people because they can choose how to get the data.

More transparent, reliable and available If an event system is not available or up-to-date or is slow or has any other problem, then the loupe functions can be used. If external functions can't be called in a particular context then an event system or database can be used. Having both methods available increases the reliability, availability and transparency of diamonds. 041b061a72


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