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Crashday Pc And Fixed Crack

SUPERiOR HOMEBREWS SiNCE 2005 Crashday v1.1 Patch [MULTiLANGUAGE] *NoCD CRACK* Supplier.......: Happy Tree Friends Arcade Racing :.....Game Genre Release Date...: 29.11.2006 Win98/2K/XP :.........System Protection:....: SF v3.7 or SR v7 3,2 MB :...........Size G A M E I N F O R M A T I O N Crashday puts you in the world of stunts, dents and adrenaline: whether you prefer to smash your vehicle into pieces with breath-taking stunts or better still compete with your enemies in highspeed races on custom tracks - maybe you also just want to show your fellow man what a serious head-on collision can be like!? Today there are no rules - it's crash day! PATCH 1.1 Release Notes ----------------------- COMPATIBILITY * Fixed slow framerate bug on ATI Radeon 9500/9700 * Improved gamepad detection support * Advanced support for analog axes on gamepads * Worked around a sound bug crash on SBLive sound cards (only used to occur with out-of-date drivers) * Fixed start-up problems related to a second window "Black" FUNCTIONALITY FIXES * Fixed bug related to weight of dynamic objects (way too heavy before) * Fixed replay problems: jiggering, damage, bomb, flag visibility * Fixed mirroring bug of dynamic objects in track editor display * Fixed language selection in multiplayer browser filter * Disconnected players are no more shown on radar or pointed to by target arrow * Wrecking or shooting disconnected players does not give any more points or damage * Disconnected players will no more score in Pass The Bomb * Players that disconnect while holding the flag will loose the flag * Improved synchronization of multiplayer missiles CRASH FIXES * Fixed crash in usermenu on simultaneous press of RETURN and X * Fixed multiplayer crash related to clients and spamming reconnect messages * Fixed multiplayer browser crash if a Finnish language-hosted game was listed * Fixed multiplayer lobby crash when user was typing chat message and host quits the game * Fixed crash bug coming up when deleting a track that is just being edited * Fixed crash bug when clicking "Select Car" on host machines with specific car or specific car classes * Fixed crash bug in Stunt Mode when driving close to track boundary * Fixed crash bug when deleting a custom car without selling it before * Fixed crash bugs related to selecting custom cars in multiplayer (which is still not supported, but which was possible to be exploited from host side and led to a crash) * Fixed rare crash bugs related to overwriting existing tracks, but not updating precalculated shadow information properly (occasionally could cause crashes in track editor test drive, multiplayer or replays) NEW FEATURES AND MISCELLANEOUS FIXES * Skidmarks added * Added brightness setting in graphics options * Game controller's coolie hat can be used to look left/right during driving * Show the car stats in the shop when a new car is unlocked but not yet purchased * Slightly increased view range in lowest graphics detail preset * Always use higher view range in minigames to avoid artifacts * Improved online cheat protection code * Prevented stunt mode cheating on arena stunts ("On top of the arena"). * Fixed a situation in HoldTheFlag that flag fell below the track on relatively high ping times sometimes in multiplayer * Slightly lowered speed of person holding flag in Hold The Flag * Shader performance improvements * Replaced error with an unsupported graphics card by a more meaningful message R E L I Z I N F O R M A T I O N Thanks to Happy Tree Friends for supplying me an unprotected EXE of the game so that everyone would think that I've actually cracked the game and I'm so l33t, but well, uhm, let's leave some blank space here ;) NOTE: The crack is fully compatible with ENG/GER SecuROM 7 edition and POL/ITA StarForce 3.7 version. I N S T R U C T I O N S 1. Install the game. 2. Download & apply the v1.1 patch appropriate for your language version. 3. Extract the crack to the main game directory & overwrite. 4. Play the game! C O N T A C T Don't ask me for support regarding my releases, I don't get paid for that! Please use community forums instead - you will get help much faster. Searching for: People who can handle custom data files (pack & unpack) F R I E N D L Y W A R N I N G (New!) I don't make any full-blown worldwide ownage releases, but still I see them flying around on some ****** sites, to which I don't submit my stuff. Anyway if you're going to put them there, please respect those fair rules: * ALWAYS and ******* ALWAYS leave the NFO inside the release, DON'T DELETE it! ALWAYS give proper RESPECT to people who help your **** ad-overloaded site prosper! * DON'T PASSWORD MY RELEASES. My God, I ******* hate that! At least ask for permission, my mailbox is open to everyone. * DON'T ******* EVER MAKE MONEY $$$ FROM WAREZ!!! Thank you for your time & understanding. G R E E T I N G S T O TO MAKE IT CLEAR - WITHOUT THEM THIS RELEASE WOULDN'T BE POSSIBLE!!! Those great individuals: CondZero, Lunar_Dust, Ghandi, Nacho_DJ, MR Blah who shown me the right path to enlightment :D Groups doing a mighty fine job on reversing field: ArTeaM, SnD, FFF, TSRh, RELOADED, ICU, RES & CORE. And nice communities of: T4Y, UNPACK, ART, GCW, W-BB & R-Team. NFO made by ME and ASCII Art Studio ;) *Best viewed with Lucida Console

Crashday Pc and crack

Hola, este juego lo jugue en Windows 7 64bits,como se que a muchos les gusta, me puse a buscar y encontré este que funciona en 64bits, solo es aplicar el update, luego el crack y listo, al principio saldra una pantallita pero no hay problema, aqui el link

can I still get a trial version somewhere? I'd like to try it out in one way or another. Also wonder if a crack might work. Is it still illegal to crack a game if I paid the creators for it? I mean, that's a base question I have, would other versions of the game work.


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