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Hindi Movie Hook Ya Crook Watch Online UPD

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Visual media showing all the gruesome accidents, shoot outs, murders etc in graphic detail to the viewers, is quite common. This is done to enhance their viewership by hook or crook so that they can survive in the competitive media world?

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LC: Well, yes, I forgot this, I was on the Redevelopment--Bill Green put me on the Redevelopment Authority. [Editor's Note: William J. Green, III, served as Mayor of Philadelphia from 1980 to 1984.] I was the treasurer in all the years that we were assembling the ground to build the Convention Center, Philadelphia Convention Center. During those years, immediately succeeding Bill was Wilson Goode and Wilson is the mayor who authorized the bombing of the Osage homes. I originally oversaw the rebuilding of the Osage homes, because we took possession, the Redevelopment Authority took possession, of the burned out homes as a blighted area, which we were empowered to do by federal mandate and federal law. We started out to rebuild them. [Editor's Note: W. Wilson Goode served as Mayor of Philadelphia from 1984 to 1992. In May 1985, the Philadelphia Police Department used explosives during a standoff with the group MOVE that resulted in the destruction of dozens of homes on Osage Avenue in Philadelphia.] Because I was the only builder on the [Authority], the day after the buildings had been razed and they were burned to the ground, I went there on crutches. I had just had a knee [operation], arthroscopic job done on my left knee, and Doris drove me there. I remember walking down, still smoking, the remains of the houses, to assess what we had to do, but Wilson, trying to do the right thing, took it away from the Redevelopment Authority and gave it to--Philadelphia has an OHCD, Office of Housing and Community Development. He had a woman, a bad woman, named (Robinson?). She was not a crook, she just had bad judgement, incompetent, nice woman, charming, good talker, which is how she got there. He put her in charge and it was a disaster, disaster. We couldn't do anything about it. We hired one of the engineers, at our expense, unbeknownst to Wilson and the other authority, to sort of be our spy, to watch the construction for us, and they turned out to be rats. [laughter] They got in bed with the developer. The developer went to jail, Ernie Edwards, a black man, another charming man, talk you out of anything. They got in bed with him, unbeknownst to us, and we got false reports and, meantime, he's stealing the (chop line?). Anyhow, long story; well, what was your question?

LC: Yes. Well, I'm a long-time, card-carrying member of the ACLU and other organizations like it. One of the groups, it was before I retired, I had long been active with the Reinvestment Fund. Originally, it was called Delaware Valley Reinvestment Fund, it is now called the Reinvestment Fund, and what it is is a social, do-gooder lending agency. We finance inner-city projects, mostly or largely, at the outset, affordable housing. We did affordable housing all over. Everything in the City of Philadelphia that wasn't federally or municipally financed, we financed; here, Chester, Kennett Square, Doylestown, out to Pittsburgh, other states called us in. Presently, we're redeveloping the biggest section of Baltimore. This is the Reinvestment Fund. I still am part of it, but I was on the board for years. So, while I was on it--I started out with them like the year after they organized--I was their so-called technical advisor and, in fact, I went to work every day. I had a desk, and so forth, and I worked with the different groups. What we did was lend to these various local groups who otherwise couldn't get financing. We were very tough in that we only invested where we thought we would be paid back. It was not like a lot of federal agencies, but we would lend where there was no equity--that's what the difference was. So, we were able to discern who were the good people and we lent to good people and got our money back. So, we built a lot of stuff, but the stuff, and you could see it one day, it's at 46th and Market, I spent three years personally there. We built 135 townhomes, called the Nehemiah Project. Oh, I do have some pictures about that, a big project, and we did it together with fifty black churches, called the Philadelphia Interfaith Alliance. We organized them and I got the plans drawn, we got them a contractor and we put the whole thing together, but, early on, we realized, they did not hire the contract supervisor that I wanted and the guy was incompetent. He was one of their fellow ministers who had been an engineer, but he didn't know shit about building houses. I knew it when he went in, but, anyhow, and, within months, I had to take over. So, I went every day with my boots and it was almost three years, but we built it and it's a very nice project. It's at 46th and Market. Since we've built it, the whole area, they've rebuilt houses all around, there's a big supermarket on the corner, the whole area is different. So, it's highly successful, that mode of intervention, and Baltimore is just unbelievable. Baltimore, the area we're in is the area that The Wire was made in. It's as bad as you can imagine. We've got the liquor stores cleared out--we bought them out, we got them out by hook and by crook. We have about a half a dozen black ministers there on our board, on our local board, and they do the administrative oversight, and we have offices and people, competent people, there. You've got to see it to believe it. It's gentrified. It's the only act in town that's moving. So, that, I suppose all of that got me into that area.

No words are strong enough to condemn the political party who wants to form the government by hook or crook. With barely a few months left to go for the Lok Sabha election, each and every party leave any stone any unturned in exposing and blaming one other to score brownie points. Wikileaks poster made by BJP might affect Narendra Modi scope of PM. But, what is harmful for the country is that they create communal tension to cover up scams or corruption charges before election. Muzaffar Nagar riot is the recent example which is bound to haunt in the election. Again, with Narendra Modi contesting from Varanasi, the peace and tranquillity might be affected.


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