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Stolen Kisses Image

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Stolen Kisses image

This image has been assessed under the valued image criteria and is considered the most valued image on Commons within the scope: The Stolen Kiss (Fragonard). You can see its nomination here.

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Hanna speaks to the hospital board. She tells them she owes Mona for her friendship. She pleads them not send Mona away from her friends and family. Paige apologizes to Emily and says she'll kill whoever put that stuff in her flask. Emily tells her not to say it or mean it. After Emily tells her that even though she was drunk that night, she was "looking for somebody." And came to Paige. Emily passionately kisses Paige. Byron finds Aria sitting by herself on the floor. She asks him if he thinks she ruined Ezra's life. He says nobody could be harmed by having her in their life and hugs her. Aria begins to cry in her father's arms.

Wren tells Hanna that based on her testimony they are no longer sending Mona away to New York. Hanna is really happy. She smiles, and kisses Wren on the lips. When she pulls away, he is surprised but Hanna says she is still pleased. At that moment, she gets a text from Spencer that she needs to see something. Hanna, Aria and Spencer watch a video of Emily from Maya's site. There are hundreds of videos, seemingly in no discernible order. They come across a video where Maya says to the camera, "I'm a coward. I know. I have to face my fears." Police car lights reflect on her as the video ends. They wonder why Mona send them to the site. They decide they need to watch the rest of the videos with Emily, so they try calling her. Emily's phone rings in her jacket and we see she's in the pool skinny dipping with Paige.

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Based on a Dutch series, the show kicks off with a disturbing image of Sara (Hannah Ware) being strapped to a gurney, with an echo of gunfire, a shot of a shell casing falling to the sidewalk and a close-up of the weapon.

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Benny sighed in relief before dropping his head down to your chest. His cock was starting to soften within you and his lips made soft kisses against the soft skin of your chest. You were smiling when your hands came to brush through his slightly sweaty hair softly.

So there I was, hanging on to the wheel, unable to see left or right, unable to brake or accelerate, the image of that artificially respiring man dancing before my eyes. I was hell-bent for death, and death at that moment felt like her slick tongue. She was the naiad Salmakis embracing me, Hermaphroditus. It was a near-death kiss!

Imej ini telah dinilai berdasarkan kriteria imej bernilai dan ia dianggap sebagai imej paling bernilai di Commons dalam ruang lingkup: The Stolen Kiss (Fragonard). Anda boleh melihat pencalonannya di Commons:Valued image candidates/Jean-Honoré Fragonard - The Stolen Kiss.jpg. 041b061a72


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