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Buy Sweet Lime Online

Sweet lime, also referred to as mosambi, is rich in numerous healthy components. Mosambi has several health advantages, which its nutrient content can be credited for. It is one among Southeast Asia's most well-liked fruits. These fruits have green skin and an oval or circular form. When they are fully ripe, they become yellow. Usually, the mosambi tree begins to produce fruit after 5-7 years. Maximum production is obtained after around ten to twenty years in tropical and subtropical climes.

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Mosambi is also referred to as sweet limetta, Persian lime, sweet lime, and sweet lemon in the Mediterranean. Its names in Hindi are mosambi and musambi; in Gujarati, mousambi; in Malayalam, madhura naranga; in Tamil, cattukkuti; and in Telugu, battayi pandu. This fruit resembles a lemon in look and has an orange-like sweetness to it. Its juice is well-known in Pakistan and India. Despite being a member of the citrus family, this fruit has little acidity. Because of its potential bland flavour, this fruit is typically ingested as juice rather than whole fruit. These are the months when this fruit is widely accessible in India: July to August and November to March.

Mosambi aids in digestion. It contains a lot of flavonoids, which stimulate the digestive system by causing the release of bile, acids, and other digestive secretions to increase. As a result, those who have indigestion, irregular bowel movements, and other gastrointestinal issues are frequently advised to drink mosambi juice. As a result, it facilitates digestion by balancing the stomach's acidic digestive fluids and removing toxins from the excretory system. This fruit contains chemicals that are advantageous for peristaltic movements. Additionally, sweet lime aids in preventing vomiting, nausea, and diarrhoea.

Scurvy is a condition that can be avoided by taking vitamin C supplements. The symptoms of this condition include bleeding, swollen gums, repeated cold and flu episodes, mouth and tongue ulcers, and cracked lip corners. Sweet limes can guard against scurvy. Add a few drops of pure water to the mosambi juice mixture, along with a pinch of black salt. To get quick relief from bleeding gums, apply this mixture to the affected gums. Drinking lime juice and sucking on lime rinds helps cure halitosis (bad breath).

The organic sweet lime, also known as mousami is a citrus fruit, and belongs to the family of sweet lemons. As the name suggests, they are sweet, juicy and citrusy in flavour. It is consumed primarily in the form of juice and can also be used in cocktails & sorbets. Depending on the climatic temperature, store at room temperature or be refrigerate.

Sweet Lime Pickle is made up of big lime, that is easily available in the market. The uniqueness of this pickle is that, it remains fresh for the long time. Big lime comes in specific season only, hence you can make it in good quantity to enjoy for many months.

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mosambi belongs to the Rutaceae family. The taste of mosambi is slightly tart to extremely sweet when ripe. The branches are smooth, branch irregularly and bear numerous thorns. It bears fragrant white flowers and the unripe green fruit turns to yellow on ripening.

Sweet Lime or Mosambi is a citrus fruit that is known have amazing health benefits. Mosambi fruit is extremely refreshing and detoxifies the body. Sweet lime mosambi can be had juiced or even raw.I Say Organic offers superior quality fresh seet lime mosambi online and it will be delivered within 3 hours

Sweet Lime is soft yellow colored, mildly sweet tasting, juicy fruit that is resident to South Asia. It is a versatile fruit with a sweet and sour flavor. This wonderful fruit renders terrific nutritional charge. It is little in calories; just 43 calories per 100 grams. The peel can differ in thickness from lean to quire thick. 041b061a72


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