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Anthony Lee

Gacha Nebula: How to Install and Play this Amazing Mod -

Theres a problem with the apk file for me, whenever i download it it says package is unvalid since i had to update a gacha mod, mind you i deleted some of the gacha mods i have and it still wouldnt work idk if its just me but if it is pls be able to fix this when you can.

gacha nebula apk download

When you download it, it removes gacha art if you have it installed, no new eyes, hair, or anything of the sort, it's honestly just overall a bad mod, go download gacha art, gacha plus or gacha nox, they are better

I never knew that happened but my friend can't delete it like right now cuz like I said the only Gacha game he has and he will delete it when gacha nebula is out he knows that Noxula stole the asset I show a pic on yt cuz someone might think I'm lying about my friend still using the stolen asset but thx for telling me

Reminder: this is a repost, Idk if this person already asked permission but, noxula(the original creator) said that the mod has stolen assets and said we can't download the mod while the problem persists. But don't worry! Noxula made a new gacha mod called gacha nebula that doesn't have stolen assets! It's not released yet.

Did y'all see Flotalendy's Video? They said gacha nox will update to gacha nebula, it will have a new background, not stolen art, and more. Make sure to watch that video! Bye and have a sweet day/night


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