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Raag Parichay Book Pdf 601

With the rise of foreign culture, even people can not tolerate the truthful parichay of Rama-Lakshmi. Vaishnava purisa has changed the Rama-Lakshmi and the parichay of Rama-Lakshmi has become incorrect by the priests and the Sastra. The parichay of Rama-Lakshmi is true because the above had given parichay and islamic parichay is only a copy of the original parichay given by the Rama-Lakshmi.

raag parichay book pdf 601


In today's age of foreign culture and people have forgotten the truth about the Rama-Lakshmi (lyric god couple). The Rama-Lakshmi (lyric god couple) is in our homes, temples, places of worship and even the shops. Even we don't know that why we are worshipping Rama-Lakshmi. The priests and the Sastra are running this ganesh homa (performing Ganesh jee) using the parichay of Rama-Lakshmi. By forgetting the reason behind our parashakti, the Rama-Lakshmi is regarded as the parashakti of the entire world.

Because of our ignorance, we are unable to recognise the real Rama-Lakshmi, because the real Rama-Lakshmi is going to kill those who are worshipping Rama-Lakshmi in various forms. Even the foreign culture and culture has influenced so much, that people forget the real Rama-Lakshmi. Even today, we read the parichay of foreign religions. People are confused that who will kill Rama-Lakshmi, since Rama-Lakshmi is a god and is sitting in Vaikuntha. This is the main issue is that all the characters we think that it is Raavans abhiman but it is not. In the parichay of Raavans abhiman, the Raavan was not a god. So, today's Rama-Lakshmi is a mere copy of Raavans abhiman.


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