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Murad Kondratyev
Murad Kondratyev

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Jen and I are like sisters. We tell each other everything. So, I can say with confidence that she's almost as big of a slut as I am. We even look alike. We once tricked a teacher into believing we were twins. The main difference is that I have long, blonde hair and she's a brunette with a perm.

Jen's panties were getting wet. Without even thinking about it, I pushed aside the underwear and stuck a finger in Jen's pussy. Her tongue shot into my mouth. A muffled shriek vibrated out of her throat. I worked her over, pumping my finger deep inside her. My own pussy drooled as her warm, wet cunt hugged my finger.

I fell to my knees and slid Jen's panties to the floor. Her wet gash glistened in the gym lights. I kissed her left thigh, then the right. With my nose hovering above her clit, I inhaled deeply. The musty scent of teenage pussy mingled with her sweet perfume. I stuck my tongue as far inside her as I could.

Rick slid himself inside of me. I think he stretched my cunt by three inches that day. His cock was enormous. And he fucked me with the same intensity that he used to knock defensive linemen around the field. The guys' chant grew to a roar. Rick's long thrusts grew shorter. He shook. And then...

My lips slowly ran down his shaft. I took about half of his manhood inside me the first time I went down. When I pulled my head back, I let my tongue drag along the underside of his cock. I looked up at him. Our eyes locked. He wanted more. Much more.

One of the guys -- I think his name is Jim -- jerked me to my knees and jammed his cock in my mouth. All it took was three pumps for him to shoot his load inside me. I crudely sprayed the jizz onto Jen's face.

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