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Jeffvon Drozd
Jeffvon Drozd

File: ... ##BEST##

Be careful with the URI. Sometimes the URI has a wrong format (e.g. "file:/path/..." and correct one would be "file:///path/...") and you cant get a proper FileSystem.In this case it helps that the URI is created from the Path's toUri() method.In my case I modified initFileSystem method a little bit and used in non exceptional cases the FileSystems.newFileSystem(uri, Collections.emptyMap()). In exceptional case the FileSystems.getDefault() is used.In my case it was also necessary to catch the IllegalArgumentException to handle the case with Path component should be '/'. On windows and linux the exception is caught but the FileSystems.getDefault() works. On osx no exception happens and the newFileSystem is created:

File: ...

DTLS/TLS API/JSSE ProviderJDK 1.8 and laterbctls-jdk18on-171.tar.gzbctls-jdk18on-171.zipJDK 1.5 - JDK 1.8bctls-jdk15to18-171.tar.gzbctls-jdk15to18-171.zipJDK 1.4 (no JSSE Provider)

SMIMEJDK 1.8 and laterbcmail-jdk18on-171.tar.gzbcmail-jdk18on-171.zipJDK 1.5 - JDK 1.8bcmail-jdk15to18-171.tar.gzbcmail-jdk15to18-171.zipJDK 1.4bcmail-jdk14-171.tar.gzbcmail-jdk14-171.zipJDK

OpenPGP/BCPGJDK 1.8 and laterbcpg-jdk18on-171.tar.gzbcpg-jdk18on-171.zipJDK 1.5 - JDK 1.8bcpg-jdk15to18-171.tar.gzbcpg-jdk15to18-171.zipJDK 1.4bcpg-jdk14-171.tar.gzbcpg-jdk14-171.zipJDK 1.3bcpg-jdk13-171.tar.gzbcpg-jdk13-171.zipJDK 1.2bcpg-jdk12-171.tar.gzbcpg-jdk12-171.zipJDK 041b061a72


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