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Zita Dans La Peau Dune Naturiste DOC FRENCH HDTV ((TOP))

if you have french subtitles, you can type: f3 to bring up a subtitle menu in windows media player, and select the language of your choice. according to wikipedia's french page, french is currently the fourth most natively spoken language in the world, behind mandarin chinese, spanish and english. wikipedia's pages on the other spoken languages have more information .

Zita Dans La Peau Dune Naturiste DOC FRENCH HDTV

the video does not include more than one nudity scene but some stills from the documentary are included. there is only one nudity scene in the documentary, but there are others in some other videos on his site.

each woman of the group is called by her name, and the man is called "le naturiste", and the others are "les naturistes". thus zita would be called "la naturiste", he is also called "le naturiste" and "les naturistes" at different moments. "les naturistes" doesn't appear more than once in the movie, but i guess zita and his fellow naturist friends would have referred to themselves by their common appellation.

antonietta is a 20-year-old italian woman. actually, she is from the mediterranean island of corsica. she was the first model chosen for the documentary, and she also participated in the world naked bike ride. this is antonietta after a fall, nude, on an animal track during the world naked bike ride.

romina is actually from piedmont. she tells of her passion for naturism because she has a very hard time taking proper showers, in the sense that showers are too cold and the water is too hard. the documentary shows her and her bathing suit in a dry sauna.

the video was taped between september and october 2013. the participant lives in nice, the city of the french riviera. she is a journalist working for french tv channels. in an interview on the naturist website wnn, she said that she went to the island for a week, and that the great part of it is the congression d'agde organization.


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