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K-fee Auto Commercial In HD (German)

In April of 2004, German caffeine company K-fee released nine 20-second long television commercials as part of their Wide Awake campaign for their coffee drink. These adverts have been heavily criticized for their content and many feel that the adverts are very k-fee commercial and upsetting, though its shocking visual is built to simulate the effect that the product has on the viewer. The commercials, first recorded by K-fee, Jung von Matt and Cobblestone Filmproduktion in 2004, consisted of a peaceful scene, such as a car driving down a grassy hillside to soothing music. However, at some point in the ad, the scene gets briefly interrupted by either a zombie or a gargoyle screaming at the camera, followed by the company's slogan and product.

K-fee Auto commercial in HD (German)

Ghost Car, is a commercial introduced in early 2005 by a German drink company called k-fee. As something very peaceful is happening on the advertisement, a zombie or a gargoyle would pop out of the screen, scream very loudly and frighteningly, and possibly scare the viewer. In the end, it shows the companies brand, and the products logo.

Some students in the class I was subbing for showed me this commercial - I loved it!! Had to show my husband, & I've never seen him jump like that (the sound was up really loud). It was GREAT!!!!!!!!!There are more ads by this same company at (but none are quite as good as the car one!). FYI - All my friends are royally ticked at me for scaring them now. Awesome ad! 041b061a72


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