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2 : Kaede Time

Your playstyle will feel quite unique as we have had very little exposure to heart-cross leaders. They are tricky to form and will take a lot of practice to perfect as it is not an instinctive match. Thankfully, dual Kaede (and each subsequent Kaede sub) provide 2 time extend awakenings to help you form all the required combos. In addition, the wood and heart generation active helps provide sufficient orbs for matching.

2 : Kaede Time

Due to the strong possibility of a 75% damage reduction shield being active all the time, there is little need to bring damage resist latents as you already survive gravities. However, it may still be beneficial to have a single card with rainbow resists on the rare occasion your shield is not up. As such, we need to look into other options for latent awakenings.

Kaede's big advantage is his + move and all its respective follow-ups, which makes him a nice mix between a grappler and a striker. The fact that it has no start-up time combined with Last Blade 2's run-throw game makes it very dangerous. You can get big damage off of this in any mode. Just find an opening, or put them in block-stun, then dash in and use the command throw. Some good ones are:

By the time of The Rising, Kaede has mellowed about her father's work and is very proud of him. While not aiming to be a hero herself, she respects them and trusts the ones who are Kotetsu's coworkers to help out when she can't be there for him.

Her copy ability is constantly active as each time she is in contact with another NEXT she will copy their power whether she chooses to or not. The ability she copies will also be immediately overridden with the power of the NEXT she most recently touched. It is unknown how long Kaede is able to hold on to a power she has copied.

Kaede's relationship with her father is rocky at first, as she feels that he is never there for her. She hates how he always breaks his promises and continues to treat her like a baby. After learning of her father's role as a hero, however, she gains a sense of pride in having him. She loves and trusts him, and is even willing to travel great distances alone in an effort to help him in times of need.

Kaede's training was finished not by instruction from her father, but by a chance encounter with a bear in the Mori Isawa. Kaede had withdrawn from the Void while walking, and the bear completely surprised her when it began to attack her. Kaede immediately reached out to the Void to soothe the bear but found within the creature only rage and frenzy. In a final attempt to save her own life, Kaede opened the bear to the Void, just as she had Ubi years before. The result was the same, and the bear fell to the ground, dead. Kaede continued to train with her father, but she learned more that day than most will learn in a lifetime of study. [6]

The Adept of Void Kaede spent three months with the Dragon Clan studying, afterwhich she still felt she understood them less than she did before she had gone. During her time there she also spent time with Agasha Tamori who told her stories of Togashi's encounters with Shinsei. She suffered a startling experience with a tattooed Dragon who had talked in riddles with her shortly before he leapt out into the air and fell from a mountain top. All the while that he fell, the Dragon remained laughing. [7] Tamori had been seeking to gain knowledge of the Void element since many years, spending winter time with Kaede's father. Looking to Kaede's eyes he knew the secrets of the Void were out of his reach. [8]

Kaede had been two times in the Oracle of Air's home, and each time in a different palace. Both were tremendous structures with glowing globes of starlight, suspended among the winds many li above the ground, moving with the clouds. [10] She wrote a treatise on the nature of the Oracles. [11]

In 1121 Ujina had taken the post of resident master shugenja in the Phoenix Embassy at Otosan Uchi. He had sensed a hole in the Void in the west side of the Enchanted Wall beside the Karada district. After several months Ujina guessed it was created by the presence of the Living Shadow within the Crab district. Kaede was also there to aid him, and she was visited many times by her betrothed Akodo Toturi, and by her rival and kinsman Isawa Tsuke. [12]

After a time in the Crane lands beside Shiba Tsukune, Kaede was advised by Shiba Katsuda that Tadaka had delved deeply into the dark paths of Shadow lore, after a journey to the Ruins of Yanubei. When she arrived her sensei Asako Yasu and Tadaka were involved in a maho ritual of Summon Oni. Yasu was nearly exhausted, overwhelmed by the demon, so Kaede joined the ritual and the creature's resistance was broken. Tadaka bargained with the oni, which sank its teeth into Tadaka's right shoulder, drawing away blood, flesh and bone. Tadaka no Oni had been created. [24]

Wounded into death, Toturi was tormented by nightmares. In 1133 in the Month of the Dragon Hiroru and Ryoshun reached Toturi. The Tenth Kami explained Toturi what was necessary to be done. [37] Toturi broke free of the hold the Lying Darkness had over him. In this moment of clarity he realized that if the Darkness took the soul of an Emperor the Empire would be lost also. Kaede had to marry him so that there might be an Empress who was immune to the Shadow's control, who might rule the Empire justly after Toturi died. With no named heir at the time this would leave Kaede as the Empress, and as the Oracle of Void the Lying Darkness could not touch her. [38] In a hasty ceremony, he married Isawa Kaede to save his soul, [39] and she became Empress Toturi Kaede. [33] [40] [41]

During Fu Leng's assault to the Celestial Heavens, the Celestial Order was in serious jeopardy. To maintain ihe balance, the Heavens withdrew their influence from Ningen-do, bringing the Oracles of Light, with them. Before the Oracles departed, and for the second time in history, the Oracles came together to craft an Elemental Nemuranai of such potency that a single mortal could turn the tide against the darkness. [55] Kaede crafted the Seeds of the Void. [56]

EX Mode is a cross between Speed Mode and Power Mode. To activate EX Mode, choose any character, and when your choosing your mode(Speed or Power), highlight speed and press the C button 6 times, highlight Power and press B 3 times, and highlight Speed again and press the C button 4 times. All this has to be done within 3 seconds.

To play as Kouryu in arcade, versus, and training mode put the cursor on Kaede and press C 10 times, B 5 times, and C 4 times. He will then say something to let you know the code worked. Now press A to select him.

To play as Hagure in arcade, versus, and training mode put the cursor on Akari and press C 8 times, B 9 times wait 1 second, and C 1 time. Akari will then say something to let you know the code worked. Now press A or D to select him/her.

To play as Unawakened Kaede in arcade, versus, and training mode put the cursor on Kaede and press C 9 times, B 1 time, and C 4 times. He will then say something to let you know the code worked. Now press A or D to select him.

To see the special intro for Shigen in arcade, versus, and training mode put the cursor on him and press C 5 times, B 10 times, and C 2 times. Kotetsu will then say something to let you know the code worked. Now press A or D to select her. You can't play as her but you get a funny intro with her being thrown out of the stage by Shigen.

Back in the Asuka Village, Zaji explains to Zen that the kunai's poison was made from Hell Vine, and can kill Kaede if no antidote is made on time. The antidote requires Roadsturn Mushrooms, found in Anki Forest. Depending on the player's choice, either Zen or Zaji obtain the mushrooms and save Kaede's life.

At one point the Yaksha Mirror is revealed to be hidden in Zengen Town, but at the same time Princess Sakuya has been kidnapped by the Kenobi Ninja. Kaede offers to rescue the princess herself but is rebutted by Zaji, who says that it's Zen's choice to make. If the player decides to rescue Sakuya then Kaede will try to reclaim the Yaksha Mirror, but arrive to find that Nagi already left with it.

Some time after this, after Zen's and Nagi's final confrontation, he returns to the Asuka Village but finds no trace of Zaji anywhere, Kaede explains that he has been kidnapped by either the Mosu or Kenobi, but at the same time the Ragoh Mirror has been revealed in Hachitenmangu and Shu is after it. Depending on the player's choice...

Kaede has a well-rounded personality that is mild and pleasant just about all of the time. She is very outgoing, willing to easily make friends. That being the case, the four middle school friends all look up to Kaede as an older friend and role model. Even Mihari, the geek girl, will sometimes defer to Kaede's judgement and understanding about the many social and interpersonal situations that they will find themselves in. Kaede was the first female to befriend Mahiro, the transgender male to female, who has been for quite some time a social outcast and an extreme introvert.

Kaede is extremely loyal to her family and friends. She takes a personal interest in her younger sister, Momiji. Kaede also lends her guidance and advice to Mahiro and Mihari, and the two other friends, Asahi and Miyo-chan. Her motherly influence is felt all around. Kaede is in high school, and living up to her status as a role model, get good grades and is a well liked student. For hobbies, Kaede is well organized, and loves to cook, and likes to be the master chef at many of the social gatherings that the friends have from time to time. However, Kaede is not perfect, and sometimes is a bit too nosy with regard to the social happenings that occur with daily life. She sometimes freely expresses her opinions and comments, whether they are appreciated or not.

Kaede is a person that seems to have two sets of qualities welded together. One part is her choice of the Gyaru Girl fashion style and presentation. Along with that comes the carefree, fun-filled, whimsical, and happy-go-lucky circumstances that she can enjoy. She is 'on the edge' in not just her clothing and grooming styles, but in her attitude towards life in general. This is the Kaede that Mahiro met for the first time, after seeing her in the upstairs toilet. The other part of Kaede is a mature, level-headed, industrious, and compassionate person who is at home in the kitchen as much as being at home in the Karaoke booth. She does well in school, and was friends with Mihari in middle school, until Mihari moved up a couple or so grades to enter college. Mahiro sees that part of Kaede in the kitchen, as well as at other times, too. 041b061a72


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