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Schwarz - whose affinity for weaving cross-continental African sounds into his work has been a constant - doesn't seek to divorce his remix from this context. It's built around the tension already present in the original, and even retains Jal's "Don't let your vote be bought!" command at its climax. Instead, Schwarz incorporates the vocal parts lovingly into his own aesthetic, wrapping Jal's rap in hypnotic pads and whooshing synths until it has the authority of Schwarz, Âme and Dixon's 2006 classic 'Where We At' and, three-and-a-half minutes in, letting the sung chant explode into the track like daybreak flooding over the horizon. Every time I've been lucky enough to hear this on the dancefloor, the crowd has responded with rapturous chants in kind. Alex Macpherson

Lucky Luciano You Already Know Rar




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