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Buy Tygon Tubing

Many formulations of Tygon tubing can be used in peristaltic pumps for chemical processing and laboratory applications. This broad range of flexible tubing products allows compatibility with many user specifications including chemical resistance, fluctuations in temperature, abrasion, high purity, and long service life. Most models are clear for easy observation. Soft, flexible plastics make Tygon tubing a great choice for low-torque peristaltic pumps, as well as for use in incubators and as a replacement for rubber tubing for Bunsen burners.

buy tygon tubing

Because of physicochemical properties and excellent quality of these materials, it was possible to obtain tubing that features numerous unique physicochemical properties such as: transparency, flexibility, crush resistance, resilience, chemical resistance, smoothness of inner surface and an adequate gas permeability level. It is also non-hemolytic, non-toxic and biocompatible.

A variety of sophisticated compound formulas used in the tubing production process allows for really extensive use of Tygon tubing in countless applications in: food industry, pharmaceutical, medical, chemical and petrochemical industry, biotechnology, in laboratories and for application in peristaltic pumps.

Pump tubing comes in various formulations for almost any pumping application. Three pre-attached tubing stops give you two sections - when one section of tubing fatigues, a fresh section is ready to use.

The stops on the three-stop tubing are color-coded according to tubing ID (inner diameter). The three-stop tubing can be used with minicartridge pump heads, like e.g, Ismatec MS/CA LONGER DG or Shenchen MC/AMC.

SEAL FLOW RATED TygonTM Pump Tubes can be used on the TechniconTM AAII, Bran+LuebbeTM AAII, Bran+LuebbeTM AA3, SEAL Analytical AA3. SEAL is the only supplier of TygonTM pump tubes FLOW-RATED for 200 hours use. Our manufacturer uses a SEAL AA3 to check the flow-rates of each batch. Other pump tubing flow rates volume varies 10 -30%. To guarantee best performance, best reproducibility & lowest detection limits, always use SEAL flow rated pump tubing on your segmented flow analyzer. Note: The color codes and flow rates for the individual Sample, Reagent and Air lines are shown in the method. * Flow rates are for Tygon tubing at normal pump speeds. For the other tubing materials, flow rates are generally up to 20% smaller and depend upon the fluids used.

The mp6 micropump and all our components and accessories are connected by the same Tygon tubing. This tubing has an inner diameter of 1.3 mm. Of course, our components are also compatible with other tubing, but this is the one we use most often.

Typical applications for Tygon tubing are in laboratories, analytical instruments, and hose and vacuum pumps. It is also ideal for condensers, incubators, desiccators, gas lines and drainage lines. At the same time, the Tygon tubing offers a long service life. This increases the productivity of the pumps.

Even though this tubing is our preferred solution, we also offer other options. Depending on what liquids or gases are to be pumped, it may be necessary for the hose to have a different (more durable) material. Otherwise, there is a risk that the hose will become permeable or degrade quickly. Feel free to contact us with your specific requirements. We will then be happy to advise you on finding the optimum tubing for your application.

Tygon Tubing is a flexible plastic polymer tubing with various formulations that contain different chemical and physical properties. Tygon tubing is resistant to most inorganic chemicals and resistant to cracking and aging. Therefore, it has a longer lifespan than rubber tubing. This non-oxidizing tubing is less permeable than rubber tubing and will not contaminate fluid as it passes through the tubing. At Component Supply, we offer four different types of Tygon tubing: E-3603, B-44-3, ND100-65, and ND100-80. Tygon tubing is used in many industries, including food and beverage, chemical processing, laboratory, medical, and pharmaceutical.

Tygon B-44-3 is a clear, PVC-based tubing commonly used for transferring liquids. This tubing possesses a smooth, non-wetting, nonporous bore, which does not affect the taste or odor of the liquid that is transferred through it and allows for complete drainage and thorough simple flush-cleaning. It is chemically resistant to virtually all non-solvent chemicals. Tygon beverage tubing meets FDA, 3-A, and NSF criteria. The industries commonly use Tygon B-44-3 are beverage dispensing, bag-in-box, dairy processing, food dispensing, and beverage transfer applications. 041b061a72


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