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Christopher Garcia
Christopher Garcia

Clipse Til The Casket Drops Zip ((HOT))

The guests regularly outshine the hosts, but each has a variation on the sort of rugged, gruff flow that doesn't leave Erick or Parrish gasping. Redman shows to clown up "Yo", Raekwon and Method Man are still in great form on their respective drops, and Keith Murray answers the question raised earlier by indicating he's spent years trying to make sure "wanksta" and "a homo shanked ya" rhyme just right. Even the one notable contemporary feature comes from Skyzoo, the kind of guy who so far has made inroads only with the most virulent "bring New York back" crowd.

Clipse Til The Casket Drops zip

Not much has changed about the group dynamic either-- while Parrish has the more technically impressive flow, E somehow gets the memorable lines, although it works in both ways. It's like his lisp has actually progressed with age (he boasts that he's the reason kids slow flow these days), but it can result in fully intelligible groaners like "don't get me mad and make me Barack O-bomb-ya." But whatever the two are going on about, for better or worse, it's as impenetrable as Company Flow for just about anyone under the age of 25: EPMD namedrops, amongst others, Dominique Dawes, W.C., Andre Rison, Kung-Fu Hustle, Mekhi Phifer, and then revives the stick-up kid catchphrase "run your jewels" as a hook with a typically cantankerous KRS-One.


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