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[S3E3] Warrior's Fate __TOP__

Respecto a Athelstan y Judith, comentar simplemente que en este "Warrior's fate" siguen jugando al gato y al ratón, aunque curiosamente en este capítulo es Athelstan el que se acerca más a Judith, pareciendo acceder finalmente a los deseos carnales de la esposa de Aethelwulf, sin que suceda nada más que un oculto apretón de manos entre ambos.

[S3E3] Warrior's Fate

First mentioned in the first season, a Mind Flayer is a device for brain-wiping that can apparently be used on a spectrum of intensity. Utilized here by the New Republic, it's possible that the technology was originally developed by the Galactic Empire. Cara Dune, when cornered on Nevarro by Moff Gideon and his forces, feared her capture would lead to a fate with a Mind Flayer. "That was just wartime propaganda." Greef Karga indicated a disbelief in their existence, but now we know they're real. 041b061a72


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