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Where To Buy Dramm Products =LINK=

In 1945 John Dramm invented the 400AL Waterbreaker. Designed to offer a soft, aerated flow for watering plants, this invention sparked a revolution in hand watering.Since then, Dramm has offered innovation after innovation in hand watering. From specialized nozzles like the 1000PL Redhead and the 350PL Scree-Aire to durable, high flow valves, the Dramm Corporation offers a wide variety of specialty nozzles for the professional grower.With over 65 years of experience in watering in horticulture, we have learned one thing, teaching someone to water properly is a difficult task. Watering in the greenhouse is as much an art as a science. We have created a series of videos offering training and tips on hand watering in the greenhouse.In the future, we plan to offer more watering training videos and would welcome your suggestions.Our second video on our series on hand watering describes the different tools available and suggests uses for each nozzle and valve combination.For our offering in Europe please click here.Individual products are detailed below. Please scroll down for a full listing.400 Aluminum Water Breaker NozzleThe original full-flow shower head nozzle. Dramm's aluminum 400 Water Breaker provides fast, full-flow watering without damage to your plants or disturbing soil. Used and recommended daily by professional growers worldwide. Cast aluminum and hand machined with 3/4 inch brass hose threads. Invented, designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. since 1945.

where to buy dramm products

Our largest watering can holds over 2 gallons and is engineered for years of use. A detachable angle spout ensures that your plants receive water where you want it. Perfect for Interior Plantscape professionals. Roses sold seperately. Available in red and green. 2 1/2 gallon capacity. Made in Switzerland

To keep our equipment running properly, Dramm has a World-Class service team. Whether you need parts or repair service, Dramm can help.Dramm has a number of service options to help you get your machine back on track:- To order parts or to troubleshoot your machine, call us: 800/258.0848. Our service hours are from 6:30AM until 3:30pm CENTRAL TIME.- To schedule a video chat, for a more informative conversation, click here.- For individual product manuals, click on the product name at the top of the page and scroll down to the appropriate model. Manuals are listed with each product.- Also on the individual product pages are Instructional Videos covering use and care. - To check our Forum for previous asked and answered technical questions, click here.If you would like to send your machine in for service, please complete the form below and securely package your well-cleaned machine. After completing the form, you will receive an email detailing where to send your repair.* please note, Dramm cannot accept equipment for repair with chemical solution remaining in the tank or with heavy chemical residue on the unit for safety and liability reasons. Dirty equipment may be returned to the sender, collect or charged a minimum of $250 for cleaning. Cleaning your machine before shipment will ensure that we can service your sprayer without delay. To expedite your service and to allow us to prepare for your repair, please fill in this form in advance of shipment.Fill out my Wufoo form!

Dramm provides a lifetime guarantee on their products. The Wisconsin company has been in existence for 75 years and originally produced nozzles for the commercial horticultural industry so they know how to make a spray nozzle that lasts.

Commercial and industrial greenhouse growers, indoor farmers, CEA & hydroponic operators, and in-field farmers interested in upgrading some of their watering equipment and systems with commercial Dramm products , should check out RF Agriculture. Listed below are some of the newest Commercial Dramm products that RF Agriculture currently carries-

The Dramm PulsFOG system is capable of rapidly applying a wide range of chemicals as an ultra-fine cloud of droplets that penetrates deep into the plant canopy, as well as, the greenhouse, indoor farm, vertical farm, or other type of farming application. The PulsFOG line offers models that can spray an astounding 150,000 square feet in as little as 45 minutes. One of the biggest benefits is the PulsFOG saves loads of time and money by reducing the amount of man hours needed to treat an area while also reducing the amount of chemicals needed to treat the area. The Dramm BIO PulsFog is a product line that is specifically designed for the application of heat-sensitive products and biological formulations. Click here for more information about Dramm thermal fogging systems- -pulsfog-thermal-foggers-accessories.html

Dramm Fans & Fan Controllers are excellent indoor and greenhouse air movers. Designed to push air forward and create a vortex that pulls additional air forward. Dramm offers a series of environmental control systems designed to aid the grower in creating the perfect greenhouse environment. From HAF fans that homogenize the temperature, humidity, and CO2 to rugged thermostats designed to take rough greenhouse conditions. Custom layouts are required for every installation. For more information about commercial Dramm HAF fans, please visit- -environment/fans-ventilation-ducting/dramm-fans-fan-controllers.html

Since the early 1940s, Dramm has been a leading supplier of innovative, high-performance watering tools for nurseries, greenhouses, landscapers, and professional gardeners. From nozzles and valves to commercial-grade water breakers and water wands, Dramm is trusted throughout the industry for its superior quality and durability. At A.M. Leonard, we offer a huge selection of Dramm products that will get the job done and last a lifetime.

**SPECIALS** *NEW PRODUCTS*Antal/Cayson Plug PopperB & B SuppliesBamboo Stakes Burlap & TwineChemical AccessoriesChristmas Tree SuppliesContainers & TraysCrop & Ground CoversEarthpotsFertilizer ApplicatorsGloves & Safety GearGrafting SuppliesGreen ProductsGreenhouse AccessoriesGreenhouse CoveringsGreenhouse StructuresHookStake Netting Nursery Carts & TrailersNursery Labels & PrintersPlug TraysPropagation SuppliesProptek TraysPruning SuppliesShade and Insect FabricsSoil Mixes & FertilizersSoil / Seed Inoculants Tapes & TiesToolsWatering SuppliesDramm Handi-Reach Watering WandsDramm HosesDramm Nifty Nozzles & Misty-Mist NozzlesFogg-It Pot Waterers & NozzlesDramm Watering Nozzles, Shut-offs, etc.NetafimWire Baskets *SPECIALS**NEW PRODUCTS* TOOLS Home > Watering Supplies > DRAMM AUTO FOGGER // DRAMM AUTO FOGGER Price: Call for quote Item Number: MSDR*LV* Add to a new shopping list The Dramm Autofog automatically sprays areas up to 70,000 square feet with no applicator present. The ultra-fine cloud of droplets penetrates deep into the plant canopy covering all surfaces, ensuring excellent control of greenhouse pests and diseases. Please click HERE to view the Dramm website to select the products that best suits you! Call us for pricing and lead time! Need help deciding? Contact us and we can have a rep get in touch with you to help guide your needs. 041b061a72


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