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Elisha Bespalov
Elisha Bespalov

Squared Love All Over Again

This movie.Stefan and Monica are together and happy so let's throw another guy in the mix, shall we?Look, I wasn't expecting much after the first movie but I was already committed to this and decided to watch this. And thank God I watched this during work whenever I could because that's a 1h and 40 you will never get back.These two characters have so much to talk about. He doesn't trust her and she doesn't care enough about her relationship. So, again, what's worse than a love triangle and this movie? The characters relationship.The story doesn't make sense. We don't know what happens with Stefan and his idea for a business, the director at the end singing with the children? It seemed like a bizarre dream.I'm only writing this to tell you that watching this movie is a waste of time.

Squared Love All Over Again


Jigar Shah: I don't think that that's margin, I think that that's burn rate. There are all these companies where they're like, "Well, we're losing $5 million a month, but we're going to make up for it. One day, it's all going to come together." You're right. The winter and 110 inches of snow didn't help them, but it's the same mistake the venture capitalists make over and over and over again. These businesses are really made to grow through retained earnings at 20 percent a year. They're not made to grow at 100 percent a year. 041b061a72


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