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Anthony Lee

WebOS Upgraded To 1.2.1 And Pre Users All Over rejoice

Linux is a monolithic kernel with a modular design (e.g., it can insert and remove loadable kernel modules at runtime),[77][78] supporting most features once only available in closed source kernels of non-free operating systems. The rest of the article makes use of the UNIX and Unix-like operating systems convention on the official manual pages. The numbers that follow the name of commands, interfaces, and other features, have the purpose of specifying the section (i.e., the type of the OS' component or feature) they belong to (e.g., execve(2) refers to a system call, while exec(3) refers to a userspace library wrapper). The following list and the subsequent sections describe a non-comprehensive overview of Linux architectural design and of some of its noteworthy features.

webOS upgraded to 1.2.1 and Pre users all over rejoice

Download File:

Our extra awesome community members and testers, who kindly banged on ScummVM and reported issues which were fixed during this cycle: ADeadTrousers, albadross, AlessioR, Alien-Grey, AndyILC, Arjak89, badungu, Bakhtosh, Bastien Bouclet, Ben Castricum, Benjamin Hodgetts, Bill Niakas, bramvandijk, carquinyoli, Colin Snover, counting_pine, ctoroman, cyberskull, d3p4z, dafioram, Daniel Wolf, danieljaeger, David Dew, david_corrales, dch216, dego93, Derek Warren, dominus, DustyShinigami, elaseela, Eliot Lash, enclume, EricOakford, esziarko, exmensa, Farmboy0, Filippos Karapetis, forge017, g5ppc, garethbp, gatesbillou, GeekZolda, George Kormendi, GermanTribun, greencis, Gualtiero, Hein-Pieter van Braam, henke37_2, hkzlab, Hubert Maier, Ignaz Forster, ilya13, Indy4-Fan, IntEmu, Ivan Lukyanov, Jan Sperling, Jarosław Jaworski, JCaesar13, jcmanciot, joachimeberhard, jomalin1, kervala, Kurufinwe21, Laylia27, legluondunet, legoking831, Lothar Serra Mari, Lyubomyr Lisen, macca8, maplesyrup, Markus Mahlstedt, Matan Bareket, Max Tabachenko, mcknallski, mthreepwood, MusicallyInspired, oddfff, Omer Mor, Ori Avtalion, Paul Gilbert, pegasusepsilon, PetrCejpek, Petter Sjölund, pliesenfeld, Quietust, r-alf-the-alf, Robert Megone, rsn8887, SeanW1975, Sergey, sluicebox, softwarespecial, Stefan Seeland, Stephane Lapie, Sven Hesse, Tarek Soliman, telanus, tgfmfc, Thierry Crozat, tobiatesan, Tomasz Grzegurzko, Torbjörn Andersson, Uukrull, vonmagnum, vorph999, Walter van Niftrik, Willem Jan Palenstijn, Windle Poons, zaurak, and zorbid.

Finally, the new site also adds a community aspect to translations, enabling users to vote for suggested translations and even make their own suggestions. Anybody can view the translations, but you will need to log in to make suggestions, comment, and vote. You can log in using your GitHub or Facebook account, or by creating an account on the website. You will still need to contact us if you want to contribute further (for example to start a new translation or help on an existing one), as we will need to grant you access to the Translators group. Unlike regular users, translators can accept or reject suggestions and modify translations directly. Contact us by visiting the #scummvm IRC channel on or by sending an email to if you are interested in becoming an official translator. Otherwise, head over to now, and help us make ScummVM accessible to everyone.

Over the years, ScummVM has grown from a project ludde started to run Monkey Island ('to see if he could'), to a series of interpreters capable of playing a wide-range of games on a huge number of operating systems, platforms and devices. We would like to thank all of those who have helped us grow over the years from our developers, contributors and users. Some companies and groups deserve special mention (but all of you are great, so don't feel left out...):

Dear ScummVM users! We just discovered that is currently doing a nomination round for their first annual Community Choice Awards. The good thing: ScummVM has been chosen to be one of the pre-selected candidates. The catch: The nomination round is already closing tomorrow!

A link to the release notes and a more detailed list of changes can be found over on the downloads page, along with the download links. Updating to this latest and greatest version is strongly recommended to all our users.

Well, we left it open a bit longer for those who ran late... but the entries for the ScummVM Revamp contest are now closed. Judges will be looking at the pages over the last few days, and unless there is an out-right winner the finalists will be voted on by YOU - our dearest users :)

In development news, several ScummVM developers have actually been really boring people and coded this Christmas, coming up over just a few days with the basics for Curse of Monkey Island support. I'm sure our Macintosh users will be happy to hear they will, in maybe as little as a month, finally be able to play this game. Support is in the latest CVS and Daily Builds, but do NOT file bug reports as we know it doesn't really work or do anything at the moment. Full support will be available "When It's Done".. or the day after Duke Nukem Forever comes out. Whichever is first.

That's right, since the many many months since LucasArts first issued us with a DMCA notice (and wisely decided after the subsequent slashdotting and fan backlash from you, our users, to negotiate a deal :), we have been waiting for a settlement with LucasArts before releasing a long awaited new version. The wait is over. No, we haven't reached a settlement, we just got tired of waiting to release this gem.


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