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[S6E17] Normal Again

Willow prepares herself for talking to Tara, but spots her greeting another woman with a quick kiss; Willow walks away, wounded. Tara notices her retreating, but it's too late to chase after her. Working at the Doublemeat Palace, Buffy flashes again to the mental hospital, where doctor Berris announces it's time for her drugs.

[S6E17] Normal Again

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Xander pleads with Buffy to free his hands, but she retreats under the stairs. Meanwhile, Tara shows up at the house and finds everyone in the basement. She uses magic to free Willow and Dawn and attack the demon, but the Glarghk Guhl Kashmas'nik is too strong for them. Buffy grabs Tara's leg, making her fall down the stairs and knocking her unconscious. At the hospital, Joyce encourages Buffy to fight against the Sunnydale reality, telling her that she has the strength to fight against the harshness of the world and must fight it because she has people who love her. Buffy thanks her mother for helping her make her choice, then says goodbye to her.

Buffy wakes up in Sunnydale to save her friends. She dispatches the demon easily and reconciles with her friends, urging them to quickly make her that antidote while she stays on guard against relapsing again.

And so once again, there are rumours of a Buffy reboot. We'll see if anything comes of it. Meanwhile, here's my suggestion for a reboot point: Take off from the backstory of "Normal Again", fast forward 10-15 years... and see what kind of Buffy we get out of that.

Buffy's recovering, Willow's fretting, and Xander's brooding. Spike's nowhere to be found, and that's never a good sign. Can the Scooby Gang really go back to the way things were before? And what does that even mean? What IS normal, again?

AU after 'Normal Again.' Buffy wakes up alone and cold, back in that 'normal' world. What's happened? Buffy can't remember. What does she know? Her new therapist is eerily similar to someone from her other life.

A man puts down his drink to sharpen a blade in his garage. When he thinks of taking a drink again, he finds his bottle on another table behind him. While grabbing his drink, he knocks over a bottle of nails all over the floor. To clean up the mess, he takes a brush which frees a skateboard. He then trips on the skateboard and almost drills sharp spikes through his eyes but recovers at the last moment. While righting himself, he knocks over a basket of balls. After these bizarre of events, he trips over the balls which starts a chain reaction that ends up with the garage door decapitating the guy.

Travel agent Anne Whitting is busy at work selling holidays to Cuba when time freezes, and a blonde woman appears and places Anne's car keys under the photocopier. When time starts again, Anne looks for her keys, and when she goes to retrieve them her scarf is caught in the copier and strangles her. After Anne dies, the blonde woman reappears with a book in her arms. She opens it on a list of names, and a thread of gold falls from the bookmark. She then crosses Anne Witting's name out and leaves.

Castiel doesn't admit anything, but she says she will kill Sam and Dean if Castiel doesn't sink the ship. Changing the future is one thing, but changing the past in the last straw. Castiel, in turn, threatens to kill her, though intimidated she reminds him that she has two very powerful sisters who will go after Sam and Dean if she dies. Weighing his options, Castiel stops a creeping Balthazar from killing her, she is annoyed by his attempt on her life while the angels agree to sink the Titanic again.

Eventually, Kevin and Randall take to Rebecca's bedside together. They reflect on random memories, and more. Soon enough, it's morning, and against the nurse's prediction, Rebecca clings to life. Thus, Kate arrives in time, running through the door desperately. The siblings express their love for Rebecca, Randall says they're good and thanks her, and as he feels her finally slip away, he says to tell their father "hey."

With that, William departs, and Rebecca sits on the bed, then lays down. As she turns over, she finds Jack beside her. She says "hey," and we the audience collect our tissues, release more tears, and prepare to do it all again for next week's aftermath series finale episode that will cap off this precious Pearson story.

this time: Katara becomes convinced that her relationship with June is lacking and resolves to end things. Azula visits Sedna's apartment. Zuko helps Jet with a drug handoff. Meanwhile, the friend group celebrates Ty Lee's birthday with presents and a football game against Caldera.

Anya, secretly a demon again, attempts to get vengeance on Xander but fails. She finds comfort by sleeping with Spike, but the Geek Trio's cameras reveal the tryst to the gang. Meanwhile, Willow and Tara arrange a coffee date.

Castiel threatens to kill Atropos, but she reminds him that she has two other sisters. The Winchesters will die one way or another. Balthazar is sneaking up on Atropos to kill her, but Castiel agrees that the Titanic needs to sink again.

"Into every generation, there is a chosen one. She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons, and the forces of darkness. She is the slayer."Buffy Summers is the latest in a line of young women known as "Vampire Slayers" who have to battle vampires, demons and other forces of evil, all while growing up and dealing with love and teenage angst in this iconic cult series. She and her "Scooby Gang" fight the good fight in a small town called Sunnydale.

As a gang demon bikers attack, the Scooby Gang is chased away from Buffy's grave thinking that the resurrection was a failure. They do not realize that the Slayer is alive... right where they left her. Buffy is awake but disoriented and afraid as she must claw her way out of her own grave. Buffy may be alive again, but the trauma she suffers is far from over.

Teddy examines her patient again. He says his parents got married really young and then they hated each other by the time he was born. That's why he takes moving in together so seriously, and why he was hesitant when his girlfriend asked him to move in. He's telling her this because he thinks that she thinks that he's a turd, and she's about to slice him open. She assures him she doesn't think he's a turd.

Arizona tells Jim and Kelly that Noah did great. He's gonna be fine. It's possible there will be more cysts in the future, so she advises them to keep an eye out. However, she does want them to live their lives as normal as possible. If he happens to be in great pain, they'll know what it is. Lexie offers to take them to see their son.

Teddy finds Todd's girlfriend in the waiting room and tells her the surgery was a success. She wonders if Todd would still be willing to see her, because she acted a little crazy earlier. Teddy says it's perfectly normal to act a little crazy when you feel like you love a person more than they love you.

Bailey is at Ben's apartment. She's not paying attention to what he's saying and keeps looking around. She wants him to know that she doesn't do things just because there's a timeline. She may have been out of the dating game for a while, but she doesn't play by anyone's rules but her own. So whatever expectations he has... He asks if she's lecturing him. He's noticed that she lectures people, because they're too scared of her to interrupt her once she's on a roll. He's not scared of her, so the lecture thing is not going to work. They'll have a normal conversation where she asks questions and he'll answer them. She asks him if he's planning on having sex. No, he isn't, because he sees them as adults, so he thought the third date would be a little early. Bailey wants to make a statement. She confesses she's never had sex with anyone other than her ex-husband. He thinks it's great that she doesn't get into it too fast, because neither does he. She wonders what he thinks is the right time. He thinks they'll know it when the time comes, but he suspects somewhere between date 8 and 12. She wonders if he's concerned that they'll end up being just friends. He's confident that won't happen, as neither of them has gone into this looking for friends. He has enough friends. He kisses her.

Derek finds Richard looking over the main hall. He's heard Audrey's doing great. Hunt told him he couldn't have done it without Richard. Derek once again apologizes for choosing Owen's side, but Richard doesn't want to hear it. He knows Derek is just doing his job, even though he may not be very good at it.

Sheldon is video chatting with Amy who is monitoring her cigarette-addicted monkeys who are now going through withdrawal and are getting on her nerves. She preferred working with her marijuana-addicted flatworms. He tells her that his "Fun with Flags" episode went well and that Penny's acting tips were very helpful. He demonstrates opening his arms and saying "Welcome to my world" and subsequently folding his arms and saying "Not welcome to my world", mentioning that he has a very powerful tool and has to learn how to control it. Amy asks if he told Penny that she was helpful and had done a nice job and Sheldon had not. Amy says that she is his friend and that he should. To Amy's surprise he immediately walks away to do it. After Sheldon walks away, Amy is irritated by her screaming monkeys once again and exclaims: "Yeah,Yeah, you'd like a cigarette. Well, I'd like a normal boyfriend so deal with it!"

At the comic book store, Sheldon mentions how he hasn't seen Raj lately and if he is now out of their social group, Sheldon wants to add a friend who is Latin. Howard tells Sheldon that Raj has decided to never leave his apartment again. Sheldon thinks that that idea is brilliant and wishes he could do it. Lucy enters the comic book store and approaches Stuart. She asks if he remembers her, and Stuart mentions that she left the party with Raj, which gets the guys' attention. Howard tells her that he is Raj's best friend and that Raj is devastated. Lucy says that she is sorry and asks Howard to give Raj a note. Howard replies that Raj is a proud man and that if she walks out again, she is only going to have five or six more chances. 041b061a72


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