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Sony Xdcam Driver For Mac

Alongside it's current XAVC codec, the Sony F55 camera can also record to the older XDCAM HD codec. If the laptop you are using to take the rushes has not been used previously to store XDCAM HD (different from EX1/EX3's codec), then you will need to install drivers before you can view footage on it. If you don't install then card-to-computer transfer times for XDCAM HD can be long. (XAVC on the other hand requires no special driver installation.)

Sony Xdcam Driver For Mac

XAVC XDCAM 5.2.2The nablet XAVC XDCAM Plug-in product installs two plug-ins which allow XAVC, XDCAM, and XDCAM- EX material to be linked to via AMA in Avid editing products.Download plugins and documentation: -media-composer/xavc-xdcam-ama-plugin/New in nablet XAVC XDCAM AMA Plugin 5.2.2

The laptop that was used did not have any sony software on it. The folders that have been copied across are General, and ProAV. General is empty but ProAV seems to contain all the data necessary however it displays them as folders, for example C0001 is a folder containing various files including what looks like the four audio and one video mxf video files.

When I look at a normal used xdcam disc through a computer with the correct software installed the computer displays the clips as individual clips with all the audio and video tracks together as one clip. If you view the same thing on a computer without the correct software it displays them as folders containing the individual video and audio clips.

I have tried to rewrite the files back to an xdcam disc in the hope that by being read from an xdcam disc will allow the software to apply whatever function it is applying to the xdcam discs (but not applying to my drive) but am coming across a permission problem when writing to the disc and it will not allow me to continue.

Does anyone know of a way to trick a machine into thinking the data it is looking at is on an xdcam disc when it is actually just sat on my drive, or a way to multiplex these files so that they can be imported to AVID.

Unfortunately it did see the drive without the FAM driver and allowed them to appear in their native file structure rather than the 'mask' that the software lets you see them through which makes it look as you are used to seeing it as a specific disk. Instead it appears as a drive with data on it including the ProAV folder when there is no FAM driver.

It's not really an issue for me any more as I spoke to the Journo back in his own country and he is going to take it to a post house there where they have an XDcam drive. Frustrating as I would have liked a copy and because of the stupid mistake made trying to copy the data on a machine without the correct drivers.

Thanks for your time, help and advice but I guess I am going to have to write this one off as something I couldn't solve and leave this message up as a warning to others who want to copy XDCam files to make sure that they use a computer with the correct drivers etc installed.

As a DP I always provide the FAM driver (and Sony Transfer software if using FCP) on any hard drive work drives for the producer/editor. That can solve any issues if they are new to the format. I have never been able to see the camera drive on the desktop unless I had the FAM driver installed (on Window or OSX). I'm not sure how you managed to copy the files. I would be interested in knowing your process to help alleviate problems for clients in the future.

This problem occurs for me when the Sony PDW-U1 is connected to a Mac computer without Sony drivers. The disc's native file structure is presented to the operating system instead what Sony wants you to see. There is a folder for each clip. In that folder there is a file for each audio and video track as well as the proxy file and a couple of metadata files.

This is a problem because everything appears to work on the surface. The total size of the data is correct, so if all you are trying to do is make a backup of the files., there are no red flags or warnings. Also, as far as I know, there is no driver for the PDW-U1 for older PowerPC macs. So PPC Macs will always see the wrong file structure. Yes, we still have few of those computers for low priority tasks.

I have big problem with import XDCam (*.mxf) files to FCPX after upgrade to OSX 10.11. Driver for PDW U1 or U2 not work. I have the latest driver, firmware of PDW U1. Content browser is the latest version 2.2.4.

tengo el mismo problema desde que instale el capitan, con la actualizacion de hoy al 10.11.1 he conseguido reinstalar el xdcam fan drive pero aun asi al insertar el disco me dice que el ordenador no lo lee y al darle a inizializar no hace nada

I have exactly the same problem the only thing I can recommend is go to the Sony Micro site and look on a regular basis to see if there are any updates. Hopefully Sony will rectify the problem soon. All it is is a driver software issue as El Capitan recognises there is a disk but wants to format it ? and the XDCAM disk icon is not to be seen on the desktop. On another note Adobe Premiere has the same issue as I use Final Cut Pro X and Premiere so I'm unable to transfer any files without having to go through a monitor with a built in hard drive like ATMOS SAMURAI etc but your camera has to have SDI out to import the vision into the monitor.

This still does not work it says XDCAM software driver still required. When you plug in the camera it still asks to be initialised and I can't see anything on the Sony website that this problem has been fixed yet?

Here to let everyone know that I was able to successfully update the firmware on my Sony A7II using a Tether Pro cable in lieu of the cable that comes in the box. Restarted my computer that is running High Sierra 10.13.4, then ran the driver and followed the bulletproof instructions.

I too am so frustrated! I cannot get my Sony A7ii to even get the driver loader_1013 to work, closely following both Sony and the Bulletproof instructions. Once I connect my provided cable, the camera screen never goes blank. I tried all three of my USB ports to no avail. Maybe I need to order this Tether Cable Pro the last poster spoke of.

I tried the driver loader for 10.13 and the update dmg file for A7RIII ver. 2.0 in every way possible. After an hour or so I gave up and used a family members PC for the update. That went smoothly and was done in 5 min.

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