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Handcuffed Teen ##HOT##

"It was found that Officer Moore grabbed the hooded sweatshirt of a juvenile detainee without warning or instruction to comply with orders and dragged him several feet, while he was still handcuffed and in a seated position to the rear passenger side of a patrol car, in an attempt to assist the other officers with the adult arrestee," Porch wrote in the release, referring to the teenager, whom the News Journal is not identifying because he is a juvenile.

handcuffed teen

After punching a Black 17-year-old teenager last year during a struggle, he was accused by the boy's grandfather of using excessive force. The allegation was found not to be sustained and Moore's actions were found to be consistent with policy and the department's use-of-force continuum, which details what level of force is considered acceptable depending on the circumstances of a situation.

Sgt. Gregory Wilhelmi and officers Ryan Yoshimiya and Briana Ragsdale of the Colorado Springs Police Department used excessive force when handcuffing the teen and placing her in the back of a patrol car, where they used pepper spray on her then closed the doors, according to the lawsuit filed this week in El Paso County District Court.

Oct 28 2022 // A car crash in Buffalo, N.Y. that left four teenagers dead may have been linked to a TikTok challenge, a police commissioner said.A total of six teenagers were in a speeding Kia that crashed about 6:30 a.m. Monday,...

Jun 27 2022 // A jury awarded $21 million to the family of a pregnant teen who was shot and killed by undercover police officers in Northern California five years ago, attorneys said.Elena Mondragon was a passenger in a BMW pulling out...

Jan 19 2023 // A federal jury in Virginia on Tuesday found mostly in favor of two police officers who were sued by a U.S. Army lieutenant after he was pepper sprayed, struck and handcuffed during a traffic stop.Video of the 2020...

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The police officer involved in the beating of a Black teen in Carteret, N.J., has been charged. Reports indicate that officer Joseph Reiman is being charged with aggravated assault and official misconduct by the Middlesex County prosecutor.

The incident happened May 31 when officers were following the teen, who was driving a black sedan. The officer turned on his car lights and the teen said he mistakenly pushed on the gas instead of the brake, resulting in a car crash.

Witnesses said the teen came out of the vehicle with his hands up and Reiman grabbed the teen and punched him in his eye, making him fall. The officer then reportedly punched the teen more than a dozen times before he was handcuffed. A second officer then kicked him in the face. 041b061a72


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