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For generations, we have focused on the individual drivers of success: passion, hard work, talent, and luck. But today, success is increasingly dependent on how we interact with others. It turns out that at work, most people operate as either takers, matchers, or givers. Whereas takers strive to get as much as possible from others and matchers aim to trade evenly, givers are the rare breed of people who contribute to others without expecting anything in return.

Give And Take Adam Grant Epub Download 30


Difficulties with daily attendance were exacerbated by the often inconsistent and hard-to-plan-for organizational structure of most clinics. Patients reported that long lines, a lack of communication, and on-the-spot changes in patient requirements, meant that people could not effectively anticipate how long each visit might last. For example, patients were often informed of mandatory meetings with their counselor upon arriving at the clinic. They were rarely given information on the length of time they would have to wait or on how long their appointment was expected to last. They were also unable to postpone or re-schedule such appointments since most clinics prevented patients from dosing in such circumstances. Moreover, patients knew that leaving would likely result in disciplinary actions and would almost certainly mean the loss of any currently held take-home doses. For example, Dean, who is currently on MMT described the effects of such practices in the following way:

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