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Magix Soundpool 10 UPD

I was just wondering does anyone know where it would be possible to purchase the first few Sould pools released by magix. There is a particular 1 I am looking for, that I must have bought it 8 - 10 years ago. I beleive it had a red / wine colored cover, but also had grey sections for logo and product description.

Magix Soundpool 10


I couldn't find and photo for a Soundpool 1. Perhaps they only had the individual CD's for the first release and went to "collections" after that. If someone has one of these "mini" soundpools CD's, they could look to see if it has a date on it,

Thank all for the help. It must be the 1st soundpool I am looking for, as it looks similar to 2 posted below. I have searched amazon and ebay Ireland, Uk, Germany and USA but to no avail. Can you think of any other websites that might sell? 350c69d7ab


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