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Sky Drift

For those not familiar with it (and we imagine that's most of you), Skydrift Infinity is not to be confused with bizarre Switch girl-riding racing game Gensou SkyDrift. Instead, it's based on Skydrift, a download-only game that was quietly released on the Xbox 360 and PS3 digital stores a decade ago. Skydrift Infinity is a remaster of that game, bringing a visual upgrade and adding a few new planes for good measure.

Sky Drift

It reminds us of an airborne version of N64 and Dreamcast classic Hydro Thunder, which also offered arcade-style racing with an unconventional vehicle (a speedboat, in its case) and found itself a cult audience for its big stunts and over-the-top races. We can imagine Skydrift Infinity gaining a similar following.

The only real disappointment we have with Skydrift Infinity is how long it lasts. There are only six courses in the game, and while each has a reverse option and can be played in the three different race types, it takes no time at all before you've seen everything the game has to offer.

Skydrift Infinity provides solid, enjoyable arcade-style racing action and delivers it at a silky 60 frames per second. What's there is great fun, but with only six tracks and one single-player mode it's not long before you've seen all it has to offer.

@Shiryu Awesome, I'll have to check out your videos regularly. I got Skydrift Infinity and find it really fun and beautiful and smooth. Such a cool surprise! Yeah, I played N.GEN a little bit years ago but just now got my own copy. It a cool game with some sweet gameplay and at least a couple songs that I really like.

Power-ups include the usual suspects, such as mines, heat-seeking missiles, and shields. Picking up two power-ups of the same kind upgrades their effectiveness, and it's also possible to trade in stored power-ups for small doses of boost. To a similar end, you can drift behind other planes and ride lower to the ground to gain even more boost. You can also use the right stick to "knife edge" the plane so that you can weave through tight crevices and gaps that would otherwise cause you to crash instantly. Even when you do crash, though, respawns are quick enough that you don't lose much time. Because tracks are awash in sharp corners and sudden hairpin turns, the high-speed nature of the game ensures that you're considerate of your every action--when you mess up, it's usually your fault and not the game's. SkyDrift's tight controls and multitude of power-ups let you approach mid-race situations with the kind of sudden tactical initiative that can either help or hinder you, depending on the decisions you make. That said, it's a shame that none of the power-ups are particularly creative--it would have been nice to see more-expressive weaponry beyond generic rocket launchers and machine guns. 041b061a72


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