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mid-14c., "insane," unexplained variant of Middle English frentik (see frenetic). Compare franzy, dialectal form of frenzy. Transferred meaning "affected by wild excitement" is from late 15c. Of the adverbial forms, frantically (1749) is later than franticly (1540s).


late 14c., frenetik, "temporarily deranged, delirious, crazed," from Old French frenetike "mad, crazy" (13c.), from Latin phreneticus "delirious," alteration of Greek phrenitikos, from phrenitis (nosos) "frenzy, mental disease, insanity," literally "inflammation of the brain," from phrēn "mind, reason," also "diaphragm" (see phreno-) + -itis "inflammation." The classical ph- sometimes was restored from mid-16c. (see phrenetic). Related: Frenetical; frenetically. Compare frantic.

A fast retrieve will make this lure vibrate frantically sub surface. The best action is achieved just before the lure starts to roll due to imbalance, so it is advisable to swim the lures prior to use. The faster you retrieve, the faster it vibrates in a frantic state. Pause in between fast cranks, you never know what just might hit it. Great technique for covering more ground or for fast ambush predators such as barracuda, king mackerel and bluefish.

Frantic could refer to the song's fast tempo and hard-to-recognize time signature, as well as the Wildcard Rotation waves where it plays, in which the players are likely frantic due to randomized loadouts. Aspic is a food which is a savory jelly made with meat stock and is set in a mould. Fish is a common ingredient used in aspic.

A tight, back-and-forth, classic rivalry game was decided in a final, frantic 30 seconds as Lakeview held off Battle Creek Central, 51-50, in this Southwestern Michigan Athletic Conference boys basketball game at Lakeview High School on Thursday. 041b061a72


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