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Ncert Disaster Management Book For Class 9 38

(a) A sudden happening that causes enormous damage to life, property and social aspects of a nation or society is called a disaster.(b) Disasters are of two types:Man-made disasters: These disasters are the result of technological or human hazards. Examples of man-made disasters are road accidents, forest fires, collapsing of building due to usage of poor quality materials, etc.Natural disasters: There are due to imbalance occurring in nature various environmental factors. Examples of natural disasters are earthquakes, volcanic eruption, etc.(c) Disaster management is the strategy and course of action to be executed at the time of any disaster to save as much life as possible. (d) Main components of disaster management are:Preparation: A plan is created to minimise the damage if a disaster occurs.Redemption: It is the plan to minimise the damage to the society and country.Preparedness: A plan is chalked out to get quick response from public and administration.Impact of disaster: Intensity of disaster and disaster management are reviewed.Response: This stage deals with providing immediate response after an incident has occurred.Resurgence: It is an important link between emergency measures and national progress. It includes the steps which are required for the welfare and rehabilitation of the nation. Restoration: It is an important link between measures after disaster and national development. It includes steps useful for progress ofnation and rehabilitation.

ncert disaster management book for class 9 38

Two main clinical staging systems are used to classify HIV and HIV-related disease for surveillance purposes: the WHO disease staging system for HIV infection and disease,[28] and the CDC classification system for HIV infection.[115] The CDC's classification system is more frequently adopted in developed countries. Since the WHO's staging system does not require laboratory tests, it is suited to the resource-restricted conditions encountered in developing countries, where it can also be used to help guide clinical management. Despite their differences, the two systems allow a comparison for statistical purposes.[27][28][115]

sir,I want to appear for ias prelims in 2015.I am going to any coaching classes so plz provide me the most important books required to crack this exam bcoz ias is my dream which should be done. plzzz

Hi sir I want to start my upsc studies from now and want to be a future ias officer .Will you please tell to me from which thing i should start. also will you please tell me the overall books which i should read and start from which books first of all , Are ncert books of physics , chem , bio usefull for upsc studies , and we have to biheart these books .

Anyone interested to buy UPSC text books and ncert all recommended, GS vajiram sriram handwritten and printed notes, Optional -geography alok ranjan , Psychology- Mukhul patak vajiram handwritten and printed notes along with text books pls contact:8527575218(watsapp only) 9481248278 Bangalore

Sir can i crack exam only read that books without any class? so help me sir please guide me. i am Marathi medium so how can i easily crack exam? & which books i have to reffer please tell me sir Thanks

@Anil: It depends on the potential of each student, but there are people who crack this exam without attending classroom coaching. To begin, you may get some books for UPSC exams, read our online study materials and take ClearIAS online mock tests for Prelims. Start from our post on UPSC exam guidance.

Hello sirI want study material for english lit mainsSir plz help me by providing me list of book for the subject and if u are aware of any classes for mains english lit in delhi or mumbaiSir is it necessary that one should have background of the subject for optionalPlz reply

Sir,am YogithaNow am studying in final year diploma after 4 months i will join to engineering so please give me suggestions to start for clearing IAS ,Even i dont konw how to start & what books can i read, & what books i have to read for prilms so plzzzz replay me some guidance & also time management for both my ias preparation & my studies soo plzzzz gide me sir my mail ID [email protected]

Teachers and Examiners collaborated to create the Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Class 9 MCQ. All the important MCQs are taken from the NCERT Textbook Artificial Intelligence ( 417 ) class IX.


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