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Peddapuram Ammayilu

Peddapuram Ammayilu: The History and Culture of a Silk Town

Peddapuram is a town in the Kakinada district of Andhra Pradesh in South India. It is known for its milk-based sweet called PalaKova and its silk sarees and handloom varieties. Peddapuram Ammayilu, which means Peddapuram women, are the women who weave these exquisite fabrics and contribute to the town's economy and culture. In this article, we will explore the history and culture of Peddapuram Ammayilu and their role in preserving the town's heritage.

The History of Peddapuram

Peddapuram has a rich and ancient history that dates back to the Mughal empire. It was formerly known as Kimmuru and was a part of the Rajahmundry Sarkar of the Deccan subah. The town was ruled by various dynasties, such as the Reddy kings, the Qutb Shahis, the Mughals, the Nizams, and the British. The town also witnessed several battles and rebellions, such as the Battle of Peddapuram in 1758, where the British defeated the French and their allies, and the Rampa Rebellion in 1879, where the tribal people rose against the British oppression.

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One of the most notable rulers of Peddapuram was Sri Raya Jagapati, who took over the estate in 1802. He was a benevolent ruler who patronized arts, literature, education, and religion. He built several temples, schools, libraries, and hospitals in the town. He also encouraged trade and commerce and improved the infrastructure and irrigation facilities. He died in 1828 and was succeeded by his three wives, who ruled the estate in succession until 1847. One of his widows, Bucchi Seetayyamma, founded two trusts for the poor, one in Peddapuram and another in Kattipudi.

The Culture of Peddapuram

Peddapuram is a town that celebrates its culture and traditions with pride and joy. The town is famous for its festivals, such as Sankranti, Ugadi, Dasara, Deepavali, Ramzan, Christmas, and many more. The town also hosts cultural events, such as music concerts, dance performances, literary meets, and art exhibitions. The town has produced many eminent personalities in various fields, such as literature, music, cinema, politics, sports, and social service. Some of them are Sri Pingali Venkayya (the designer of the Indian national flag), Sri Pingali Nagendra Rao (a renowned Telugu poet), Sri Goli Eswara Rao (a freedom fighter and politician), Sri Goli Prabhakar Rao (a famous Telugu film director), Sri Goli Anjaneyulu (a popular Telugu actor), Sri Goli Venkateswara Rao (a noted Telugu journalist), Sri Goli Narasimha Rao (a distinguished Telugu writer), Sri Goli Rama Krishna (a prominent Telugu singer), Sri Goli Srinivasa Rao (a celebrated Telugu comedian), Sri Goli Pratap Reddy (a successful Telugu producer), Sri Goli Balakrishna Prasad (a renowned Carnatic musician), Sri Goli Suryanarayana Murthy (a legendary Telugu cricketer), Sri Goli Venkata Ramana (a respected Telugu doctor), Sri Goli Venkata Lakshmi (a famous Telugu social worker), and many more.

The Peddapuram Ammayilu

The Peddapuram Ammayilu are the women who weave the silk sarees and handloom varieties that are famous all over India and abroad. They are skilled artisans who have inherited their craft from their ancestors. They use natural dyes and traditional designs to create beautiful fabrics that reflect their culture and identity. They work in small cooperatives or self-help groups that provide them with raw materials, loans, training, marketing support, and social security. They also participate in various exhibitions and fairs to showcase their products and earn a livelihood.

The Peddapuram Ammayilu are not only weavers but also entrepreneurs, leaders, educators, activists, and role models for their community. They have formed various associations and federations to protect their rights, interests, and welfare. They have also taken up various initiatives to improve their education, health, sanitation, environment, and empowerment. They have also contributed to the town's development and social harmony by participating in various civic and cultural activities.


Peddapuram Ammayilu are the pride and glory of Peddapuram town. They are the custodians of its history and culture and the creators of its silk and handloom legacy. They are the women who have woven their dreams and aspirations into their fabrics and have enriched the town's economy and society. They are the women who have inspired generations of Peddapuram people and have earned the respect and admiration of the world.


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