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Aafes Car Buying

No matter where you're headed, stateside or overseas, we'll keep you on the move. It's what we do.As the only authorized car-buying program exclusively for the US military community, Military AutoSource (MAS) has been serving those stationed overseas for roughly 60 years. And now we have an option for active duty, retirees and veterans in the US too!Eligibility and OptionsWe have distinct programs designed specifically for the community overseas and stateside:Overseas/OCONUS: If you're currently overseas or headed there, you're eligible for our OCONUS program which can deliver your vehicle overseas or anywhere in the US.Stateside/CONUS: If you're stateside and staying, you're eligible for the CONUS program.MAS offers unique benefits and value only available to the military community. You owe it to yourself to learn more!

aafes car buying

MAS is unique because it is supportive not just through the buying process but also when it comes time to ship your vehicle back to a CONUS location. They pride themselves on offering real-time customer service across all time zones.

Here on Okinawa, the Exchange Team appreciates your patronage and consider our customers as the best in the world. We are focused on customer service and overall guest satisfaction. To help us to continue improving the customer experience I personally welcome your comments and feedback to me at I truly look forward to hearing from you.

Consider contacting a Military OneSource financial counselor or visiting a personal financial manager at your military installation to ask questions and get information on figuring out a budget, financing options and the car-buying process itself.

Before you dive right in and begin to daydream about cruising down the highway in your new set of wheels, it's a good idea to become familiar with the main benefits and basics of buying a vehicle through a military sales program.

One of the main benefits of buying a car through a military sales program is that there is no haggling over the price. The price is fixed, so what you see is what you pay. This also means that there won't be a slick car salesman hovering over you at the show room. Purchasing your car can actually be an enjoyable experience.

At MAS we personalize the car shopping experience for every military member based on his or her individual needs, duty location, and financing requirements. For financing, we partner with USAA, Navy Federal, and every on-base credit union to offer you the best rates and terms. Come and visit our overseas locations, or shop conveniently online. Our mission is to provide the most upfront, hassle-free, secure, and trustworthy car buying program available.

Pre paid funds can only be reimbursed from a fuel card account if the account is closed completely. Prior to your PCS or ETS, all vehicles registered with USAREUR Motor Vehicle Registry must be deregistered. This will deactivate all vehicles and fuel cards in the ration control system under your name and the fuel card account can be closed and a refund issued. Please note that no partial refunds are possible; i.e. money can not be deposited in one week to be refunded any time after that unless the account is being closed completely. For any additional questions regarding the refund process - you may contact

  • You may choose one of the following options for pre-paid fund reimbursement: Go to an Exchange card issue / activation site and request a cash refund.

  • Send a request via email to Request reimbursement by providing the Germany fuel ration card number, vehicle license plate number, and provide the current mailing address. The Exchange will mail the reimbursement by check.

  • Customers who have returned to the US can request reimbursement via check by calling the following number: 1-844-864-1619. Cash refunds are not possible at the Exchange facilities outside of Germany.

Policy Why do we have to give up coupons and change to this system now? The German government is enforcing requirements that have been part of the NATO Status of Forces Agreement between the United States and Germany for 50 years. At this point, we recommend that all eligible personnel focus their energy on how to use their fuel ration card correctly so they can avoid paying more than the Exchange prices for fuel that they buy at ESSO stations within Germany.

Send a request via email to Request reimbursement by providing the Germany fuel ration card number, vehicle license plate number, and provide the current mailing address. The Exchange will mail the reimbursement by check.

If you are deployed or underway on a ship in international waters, or on PCS orders at an overseas installation, you can take advantage of a military-only new-car-buying program from Navy AutoSource, the official Ships Stores new car program, and its affiliate, Exchange New Car Sales selling through Navy Exchanges overseas. Makes offered are Chrysler, Ford, Harley-Davidson and Buell.

CAR BUYING STRATEGIES. Thinking of buying a car? Don't get taken for a ride! Learn all the important do's and don'ts BEFORE you step onto the car lot. Learn how to negotiate and determine what you can afford; plan for various expenditures of a car; trade-ins, discounts and financing; high-pressure sales tactics and tricks to watch out for; and education on financing a new or used car.

HOME BUYING. Plan on buying a home? This is a great opportunity to gain a strong foundation for home purchase decisions and how to avoid unexpected expenses and stumbling blocks. Workshop focuses on the purchase decision process, steps to take before investing in a home, details of the purchase, and mortgage options.

The first thing to know when buying surplus of any kind: These are as-is transactions. You may not be able to return these purchases in many cases. In others, there may be a very small window of opportunity to do so.

You have options for buying that include asset forfeiture sales initiated by state or federal law enforcement. But if you are strictly interested in military sources, it will be important to differentiate between asset forfeiture auctions and surplus auctions.

Buying a Harley, or any of the other vehicles offered by Exchange, is pretty much like buying a pair of pants online. There are no tires to kick, no engines to rev, no big stickers on windows to remind you of the price.

The Personal Financial Readiness Team provides information, education, and personal financial counseling to help individuals and their families maintain financial stability and reach financial goals. Seminars, classes and individualized guidance are offered in the areas of budgeting, credit and debt management, home buying, car buying, saving, investing, consumer protection, and general money management.

Beyond these shortcomings, third-party warranties tend to cost less than those offered by the OEM. In some cases, a third-party warranty might be the only available option. If you're buying a used Ford at a Hyundai dealership, for example, it's unlikely the Hyundai dealership will be able to offer you a Ford OEM warranty because it isn't a Ford dealer.

  • You don't have to buy the warranty the same day you buy the car. You can sleep on the idea and decide later. But if you're financing your vehicle purchase, buying the warranty the same day should allow you to add the warranty costs into your loan.

  • It is important to have recommended services done on schedule. Some warranty companies will refuse to cover a repair if the owner can't provide proof that the car has been serviced in accordance with recommended guidelines.

  • According to the Federal Trade Commission, you are generally not required to buy an extended warranty in order to qualify for an auto loan. "If the dealer tells you that you have to buy a service contract to qualify for financing, contact the lender to find out if this is true," the FTC advises.

  • If you are purchasing a used car from a dealership, the vehicle will likely have a Buyer's Guide affixed to the window that explains what warranty is included with the purchase.

Purchasing an extended warranty isn't the right move for every car shopper, but millions of shoppers who have purchased and used extended warranties are glad they did. If you are thinking of buying an extended warranty, take some time to read the fine print on the contract to make sure the warranty does what you want it to and doesn't have red tape you're not willing to deal with. 041b061a72


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